DOM 2020 Annual Report

Department of Medicine 2020 Annual Report

DOM 2020 Annual Report
The 2020 Department of Medicine Annual Report allows us to reflect on the silver linings of the past year and showcases the latest departmental achievements and successes across every aspect of our tripartite mission.

This past year was one we never expected. We began 2020 with a pandemic that rivals the Great Influenza of 1918 and continues to this day.

Over the past 12 months, the Department of Medicine has been pivotal to the institution’s innovative, collaborative, and clinically-excellent response to COVID-19. At each hurdle, our physicians, nurses, and staff have risen to the occasion to find innovative solutions to care for our patients, conduct research, and educate our residents and fellows.

The report features the departmental highlights through various sections:

  • From the Interim Chair
  • By the Numbers
  • Awards & Distinctions
  • New Faculty
  • Response to COVID-19
  • Global Health
  • Clinical Highlights
  • Research Highlights
  • Research Funding Highlights
  • Medical Education
  • Philanthropy News
  • Selected Publications

Download the 2020 Annual Report (PDF)