New Family Medicine residents for 2019-2020

Resident Spotlight

Jenae Dykes, M.D.

Jenae Dykes resident spotlightMy interview in Charleston was brief, but its impression lasted.  I knew this was the program for me because the residents, faculty, and staff reflected what I wanted in my program: a supportive atmosphere, passionate teachers, and the energy that comes from people who truly love what they do. The program was also at a large academic institution, which I think positions me for opportunities I might otherwise miss out on. Of course, being in a coastal city like Charleston made my decision that much easier!

Adam Ridley, M.D.

Adam Ridley Spotlight

To me, the most important aspect of any residency program is the people that make up the Family Medicine Department. This group of people can be further divided into the residents, the faculty, and of course the patients. The culture amongst the residents at our program is one of hard work, encouragement, and friendship. Our faculty are supportive, diverse in their subspecialties, and always fight for the best interests of residents. And for our patients, they are a group that has been hit hard by chronic disease and need exceptional primary care, making them an ideal population to learn from and to serve. The COVID pandemic will make it hard to prove this message to you in person, but I think that if you choose to come to MUSC, you will find these statements to be true. 

Shelli Dills, M.D.

Shelli Dills Spotlight

I was born and raised here in Charleston, SC and also went to medical school at MUSC; needless to say, I love it here! For me, this program is where my journey in choosing family medicine began. As a medical student, I was first and foremost drawn to the program because of the people. The residents and attendings here are the type of physicians I aspire to be; knowledgeable, personable, and compassionate. Additionally, I really appreciated the well roundedness of the program as I saw the residents here pursuing so many different avenues in family medicine. Finally, I was thrilled that this amazing program was also located on the coast because my husband and I love to surf. After my medical school rotation, I felt such a sense of relief that not only had I found my specialty, but also the people I hoped to spend the next few years training alongside. Now as a new intern, I feel honored to officially be part of this family!