FlexMap 3D

Photo of FlexMap 3D Instrument

  • 96- and 384-well plate reader for Luminex assays.
  • High throughput multiplexing for detecting 1 to 500 proteins in a single sample.
  • Generates more data with less sample (as low as 15uL).
  • Powerful platform to study cell signaling, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, hormones, isotyping, metabolic markers, transcription factors, etc.

For additional details on the FlexMap3D and its applications, please visit the Luminex website.

Purchase magnet bead based Luminex multiplex assays from one of these vendors:

Instrument Location

Basic Science Building
Room 216
173 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC 29425

For Instrument Use

Chentha Vasu, Ph.D.