T32 PIRE Additional Training

M&I-Sponsored Activities

Immunology Journal Club (MBIM-856)

PIRE fellows will be required to participate in this weekly journal club.

Microbiology & Immunology Seminar Series (MBIM-770)

PIRE fellows will be required to attend this weekly seminar series which includes presentations by guest speakers, departmental faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Annual Scientific Retreats on Immunotherapy Research

All PIRE fellows will be required to participate in this scientific retreat. In addition to the training experience, these venues also give external advisors the opportunity to meet with current trainees.

Responsible Conduct of Research Postdoctoral Retreat

The training spans 2 days with topical sessions lasting 45 to 90 minutes and consisting of a short lecture followed by small group discussion of case studies with faculty facilitators. Videos are used to emphasize the complexity of issues that can arise from miscommunication (optional).

Instruction in Methods for Enhancing Reproducibility

All PIRE fellows will receive instruction in scientific rigor, transparency, and reproducibility in compliance with NIH guidance and requirements.

Career Development “Toolkit”

In collaboration with other research support offices, MUSC’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers a range of training and career development enhancement activities that constitute a virtual “trainee career toolkit”.

Grantsmanship Workshop Series (Required)

Fellows present draft proposals for competitive extramural research grants and receive local peer-review commentary from a review panel and an audience of peers.

Teaching (Optional)

The College of Graduate Studies offers a Teaching Techniques course (CGS-725) that provides an introduction to teaching and classroom instruction.

Career Planning (Required).

The College of Graduate Studies sponsors an Annual Career Day for that includes external speakers from a wide range of non-academic careers coupled with a Life Sciences Jobs Fair on campus.

Optional Courses / Activities Available to PIRE Fellows.

PIRE fellows will not be expected to take additional coursework but may be encouraged to audit appropriate classes, depending on their backgrounds, interests, and deficit.

  • MBIM-735. Molecular & Cellular Basis of Inflammation & Immunity.
  • MBIM-775. Special Topics in Microbiology and Immunology.
  • MBIM-779. Immunogenetics.
  • CGS-714. Core Clinical Research Training.
  • Women’s Innovation Symposium