Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Candidates should have graduated from medical school within the past five years.


US clinical experience through externships is strongly encouraged.

We do not have a hard cutoff but recommend scores greater than 220.

No, this is not necessary.

October 31. However, we begin to review applications and offering interviews in mid-September when applications are first received.

No, except that all applications must be submitted through ERAS.

We are currently accepting eight (8) PGY-1s.

No, we do not.

Yes, our program is formally integrated with the Medical University of South Carolina Internal Medicine residency program.

We participate in the Neurology Residency Match Program which is administered by ERAS, a program of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

We begin reviewing applications mid-September after they become available to us in ERAS. After applications have been reviewed, candidates selected for interviews will be contacted primarily via e-mail. Generally, the interview notification time period runs through November. Candidates may be contacted at any point during this time period, depending upon when their application was received and reviewed.