Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences

The Neuroscience Institute offers programs of graduate study leading to either the MS or PhD degrees. Applications are accepted from students with a variety of backgrounds in biological, chemical, and physical sciences.

The PhD program is designed to give the student a comprehensive knowledge of the field of neuroscience, while providing for the development of research skills and creative thinking in a more limited area of the disciplines. In order to achieve this goal, students select an area of neuroscience in which research and the preparation of a dissertation will be accomplished. Doctoral research projects, while correlated with ongoing activities in the department, are original in nature and constitute a significant achievement.

Neuroscience PhD student requirements checklist (PDF file)

The Neuroscience Institute also participates in the Medical Scientist Training Program in which the student earns both the MD and PhD degrees. While emphasis is placed on the doctoral degree, an MS degree is offered on a limited basis.