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Current Publications


Kalivas Papers 2013 to Present

  1. LaRowe SD, PW Kalivas, JS Nicholas, PK Randall, PN Mardikian and RJ Malcolm. 2013. A double-blind placebo-controlled trial of N-acetylcysteine in the treatment of cocaine dependence. Am J Addict, 22: 443-52. PMID 23952889, **
  2. Kupchik, Y and PW Kalivas. 2013. The rostral-medial ventral pallidum is a transition zone between the ventral pallidum and adjacent brain areas. Br Struct Func, 218: 1487-1500. PMID 23143342; PMCID: PMC3600056
  3. Garcia-Keller C, SA Marinez, A Esparza, F Bollati, PW Kalivas and LM Cancela. 2013. Cross-sensitization between cocaine and acute restraint stress is associated with sensitized dopamine but not glutamate release in the nucleus accumbens. Eur J Neuroscience, 37: 982-985. PMID 23360446; **
  4. Lewerenz J, S Hewett, Y Huang, M Lambros, PW Gout, PW Kalivas, A Massie, I Smolders, A Methner, M Pergande, SB Smith, V Ganapathy and P Maher. 2013. The cystine/glutamate antiporter system xc- in health and disease: From molecular mechanisms to novel therapeutic opportunities. Antiox Redox Signaling, 18: 522-555. PMID 22667998; PMCID: PMC3545354
  5. Wang XS, K Moussawi, HW Shen and PW Kalivas. 2013. Role of mGluR5 neurotransmission in reinstated cocaine-seeking. Addict Biol, 18: 40-49. PMID 22340009, PMCID: PMC3360124
  6. Stefanik MT, K Moussawi, YM Kupchik, KC Smith, RL Miller, ML Huff, K Deisseroth, PW Kalivas and RT LaLumiere. 2013. Optogenetic inhibition of cocaine seeking in rats. Addict Biol, 18: 50-53. PMID 22823160; PCMID: PMC3578202
  7. Post RM and PW Kalivas. 2013. Bipolar disorder and substance abuse: Comorbidity and cross-sensitization. Brit J Psychiat, 202: 172-176. PMID 23455710, **
  8. Shen H and PW Kalivas. 2013. Reduced LTP and LTD in prefrontal cortex synapses in the nucleus accumbens after heroin self-administration. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol, 16: 1165-1167. PMID 23110855, **
  9. Gipson CD, YM Kupchik, H Shen, KJ Reissner, CA Thomas and PW Kalivas. 2013. Relapse induced by cues predicting cocaine depends on rapid, transient synaptic potentiation. Neuron, 77: 867-872. PMID 23473317, PMCID: PMC3619421
  10. Gipson CD, KJ Reissner, YM Kupchik, AW Smith, NM Stankeviciute, ME Hensley-Simon and PW Kalivas. 2013. Nicotine relapse is mediated by glutamatergic plasticity. PNAS, 110: 9124-9129. PMID 23671067, PMCID: PMC3670307
  11. Smith, RJ, MK Lobo, S Spencer and PW Kalivas. 2013. Cocaine-induced adaptations in D1- or D2-expressing accumbens projection neurons: Not synonymous with classical direct and indirect pathways. Curr Op Neurobiol, 23: 456-52. PMID 23428656, PMCID: PMC3681928
  12. Reissner KJ, CA Thomas, RM Brown, S Spencer and PW Kalivas. 2013. The glial modulator propentofylline impairs reinstatement in a rat model of cocaine relapse. Neuropsychopharmacology, 39: 499-506. PMID 23985782, PMCID: PMC3870775
  13. Stefanik MT, YM Kupchik, RM Brown and PW Kalivas. 2013. Optogenetic evidence that pallidal, not nigral projections from the nucleus accumbens core are necessary for reinstating cocaine seeking. J Neuroscience, 33: 13654-62. PMID 23966687; PMCID: PMC3755713
  14. Stefanik MT and PW Kalivas. 2013. Optogenetic dissection of basolateral amygdala projections during cue-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking. Frontiers Behavioral Neuroscience, 7: 213 PMID 24399945; PMCID: PMC3871970
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  17. Shen, H, MD Scofield, H Boger, M Hensley and PW Kalivas. 2014. Synaptic glutamate spillover mediates heroin relapse. J Neuroscience, 34: 5649-5657. PMID 24741055, PMCID PMC3988415
  18. Mahler, SV, M Hensley-Simon, RT LaLumiere, P Tahsili-Fahadan, C Thomas, RJ Fallon, PW Kalivas and G Aston-Jones. 2014. Modafinil attenuates reinstatement of cocaine-seeking: Role for cystine-glutamate exchange and metabotropic glutamate receptors. Addict Biol, 19: 49-60. PMID 23017017; PMCID: PMC3535502
  19. Shen H, CD Gipson, M Huits and PW Kalivas. 2014. Prelimbic cortex and ventral tegmental area modulate synaptic plasticity in nucleus accumbens during cocaine-reinstated drug seeking. Neuropsychopharmacology, 39: 169-177. PMID 24232172, PMCID: PMC3957111.
  20. Pomierny-Chamiolo L, K Rup, B Pomierny, E Niedzielska, PW Kalivas and M Filip. 2014. Metabotropic glutamate receptors and their ligands in drug addiction. Pharmacol Ther, 142: 281-305. PMID 24362085, **
  21. Reissner KJ, CD Gipson, LA Knackstedt, MD Scofield and PW Kalivas. 2014. Glutamate transporter GLT-1 mediates N-acetylcysteine inhibition of cocaine reinstatement. Addict Biol, in press. PMID 24612076, PMCID in process
  22. McClure EA, CD Gipson, RJ Malcolm, PW Kalivas and KM Gray. 2014. Potential role of N-acetylcysteine in the management of substance use disorder. CNS Drugs, 28: 95-106. PMID 24442756; PMCID:4009342
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  24. Kupchik YM, MS Scofield, KC Rice, K Cheng, BP Roques and PW Kalivas. 2014. Cocaine self-administration causes enduring opioid inhibition of GABAergic synaptic transmission and plasticity in ventral pallidum. J Neuroscience, 34: 1057-1066. PMID 24431463, PMCID: PMC3891949
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  27. Scofield MD, HA Boger, RJ Smith, PG Haydon and PW Kalivas. 2015. Gq-DREADD selectively initiates glial glutamate release and inhibits cue-induced cocaine seeking. Biol Psychiat, in press.
  28. Beckley JT, PK Randall, RJ Smith, PW Kalivas and JJ Woodward. 2015. Partial least squares discriminant analysis of nucleus accumbens core medium spiny neurons predicts phenotype and toluene sensitivity. Addict Biol, in Press.
  29. Smith ACW, MD Scofield and PW Kalivas. 2015. The tetrapartite synapse: extracellular matrix remodeling contributes to corticoaccumbens plasticity underlying addiction. Brain Res, in press.
  30. Roberts-Wolfe DJ and PW Kalivas. 2015. Glutamate transporter GLT-1 as a therapeutic target for substance use disorders. CNS Neurol Disorders – Drug Targets, in press.
  31. Stefanik MT, YM Kupchik and PW Kalivas. 2015. Optogenetic inhibition of cortical afferents in the nucleus accumbens simultaneously prevents cue-induced transient synaptic potentiation and cocaine-seeking behavior. Brain Struct Func, in press.
  32. Kupchik YM, RM Brown, DJ Schwartz and PW Kalivas. 2015. Coding the direct and indirect pathways by D1 and D2 receptors is no valid for projections from the nucleus accumbens. Nat Neuroscience, 18: 1230-32.
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  34. Froeliger B, PA McConnell, N Stankeviciute, PW Kalivas and KM Gray. 2015. The effects of N-Acetylcysteine on corticostriatal resting-state functional connectivity mediate nicotine withdrawal symptoms and may help prevent relapse. Alc Drug Depend, in press.