Dr. Paul Lambert with patient

Giving to MUSC Otolaryngology

Gifts from patrons of the Department of Otolaryngology enable countless opportunities for the following departmental activities:

  • Research development
  • Clinical Initiatives
  • Educational initiatives
  • Facility recruitment & development
  • Community outreach programming

We have a variety of funds that represent these valuable components to the department's mission of improving the quality of life of individuals and families through patient care, teaching, and the discovery of new knowledge.

Opportunities for Partnership

Cochlear Implant Rehabilitative & Research Program

Cochlear implants allow children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss to hear again. Much research is still needed in this field. Our goals are to advance cochlear implant technology and to make this treatment more widely available.

Development for Rhinology/Sinus Division

Endowed Sinus Research Fund: Dividends from these donations are applied directly toward materials used for advancing research into causes and treatments of sinonasal diseases. The goal of this research is to discover new therapies for patients affected with sinus disorders.

Endowed Chair

Endowed chairs allow us to recruit and maintain the finest clinicians and researchers. The body of the gift is invested and the interest supports this mission.

Head & Neck Cancer Research Program

Unfortunately, South Carolina is one of the leading states in the U.S. for many types of oral and head & neck cancers. An endowed program would improve our diagnostic capabilities, strategies for prevention and treatment for modalities for these devastating cancers.

Surgical Dissection Laboratory

An endowed surgical dissection laboratory will provide the setting for teaching advanced techniques of sinus, head and neck, and ear surgery, and for investigating new surgical approaches to ear, nose and throat diseases.

Touch a Face Here & Around the World

Our surgeons specialize in cosmetic, reconstructive and congenital repairs of the face and neck. The goal is to restore these individuals to normal function and appearance. These outreach activities start at our back door and expand around the world.