Photo of research presentation during the 2022 DCRI Symposium.

Pediatrics & DCRI Annual Symposium

14th Pediatrics and Darby Children’s Research Institute Annual Symposium

Insights and Treatments of Inflammatory and Autoinflammatory Disorders in Children

We are pleased to announce the opening of  registration for our 14th Annual Pediatrics/DCRI Research Symposium on April 7-8, 2022. 

April 7, 2022 will be a 4pm Reception and Poster Session in the lobbies of Drug Discovery and Bioengineering Buildings. April 8, 2022 will be a hybrid event with the keynote addresses below along with presentations by select faculty and trainees.

Keynote Addresses:

Headshot of Dr. Alexei Grom 
"Cytokine Storm in Autoinflammatory Diseases"
Alexei Grom, M.D.
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Research Director, Division of Rheumatology
Headshot of Dr. Raphaela Golbach-Mansky 
“The role of IL-1 and Type 1 interferon in autoinflammatory diseases”
Raphaela Golbach-Mansky, M.D., MHS
National Institutes of Health
Chief, Translational Autoinflammatory Disease Unit

2022 Organizing Committee: 

  • Tasha Ruth, M.D.
  • Kelli Williams, M.D.
  • Denis Guttridge, Ph.D.

Draft Program for the 2022 Symposium