Heidi Steflik, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of PediatricsHeadshot of Dr. Murphy

Medical University of South Carolina
173 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC 29425

Email: murphyh@musc.edu

Education & Training:

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 2006, B.S. in Biological Sciences
University of Tennessee, Memphis, 2011, M.D
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, Present, Graduate Student (Master of Science in Clinical Research Candidate)

Research Interests:

My research involves investigating the impacts of acute kidney injury, fluid overload, and renal support therapy receipt during neonatal extracorporeal life support. I am also investigating the renal implications of "standard" neonatal intensive care practices, such as medical treatment of the patent ductus arteriosus. I am eager to pursue a career in academic medicine, and ultimately aim to become an independent, clinical researcher with expertise in neonatal nephrology and to improve outcomes for neonatal patients with renal disease.

Highlight Publications:

  • Murphy HJ, Gien J, Sahay R, King E, Selewski DT, Bridges BC, Cooper DS, Fleming GM, Paden ML, Zappitelli M, Gist KM, Basu RK, Jetton JG, Askenazi D.  Acute Kidney Injury and Kidney Support Therapy Differ by Underlying Diagnosis and Differentially Affect Mortality in Neonatal Extracorporeal Support.  In preparation.
  • Murphy HJ, Eklund MJ, Hill J, Morella K, Cahill JB, Kiger JR, Twombley KE, Annibale DJ, (2019), Early Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy during Infant Extracoporeal Life Support is Associated with Decreased Lung Opacification.  J Artif Organs, 22(4):286-293. PMID: 31342287
  • Murphy HJ, Thomas B, Van Wyk B, Tierney SB, Selewski DT, Jetton JG, (2019), Nephrotoxic Medications and Acute Kidney Injury Risk Factors in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Clinical Challenges for Neonatologists and Nephrologists.  Pediatr Nephrol, [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 31605211
  • Gorga SM, Sahay R, Askenazi DJ, Bridges BC, Cooper DS, Paden ML, Zappitelli M, Gist KM, Gien J, Basu RJ, Jetton JG, Murphy HJ, King E, Fleming GM, Selewski DT, (2019), Fluid Overload and Fluid Removal in Pediatric Patients on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Requiring Continuous Renal Replacment Therapy: A Multi-Center Retropsective Cohort Study. Accepted 12/2019 for Publication, Pediatr Nephrol.
  • Murphy HJ, Gorga S, Selewski DT, (2018), An Updated on Neonatal and Pediatric Acute Kidney Injury. Curr Pediatr Rep, 6(4):278-290.
  • Murphy HJ, Finch CW, Taylor SN, (2018), Neonatal Extracorporeal Life Support: A Review of Nutrition Considerations, Nutr Clin Pract., 33(5):625-632, PMID: 30004582
  • Murphy HJ, Cahill JB, Twombley KE, Annibale DJ, Kiger JR, (2018), Implementing a practice change: early initiation of continuous renal replacement therapy during neonatal extracorporeal life support standardizes care and improves short-term outcomes, J Artif Organs, 21(1):76-85, PMID: 29086091
  • Murphy HJ, Cahill JB, Twombley KE, Kiger JR (2018), Early Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Improves Nutrition Delivery in Neonates During Extracorporeal Life Support, J Ren Nutr., 28(1):64-70, PMID: 28964639

*Heidi Steflik was previously Heidi J. Murphy