Katherine Twombley, M.D.

Professor of PediatricsHeadshot of Dr. Twombley
Division Director for Pediatric Nephrology
Medical Director for Pediatric Kidney Transplantation and Pediatric Dialysis

Medical University of South Carolina
135 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, SC, 29425

Email: twombley@musc.edu

Education & Training:
College of Charleston, 1996, B.A. in Biology
Medical University of South Carolina, 2004, M.D. in Medicine
Miami Children’s Hospital, 2007, Residency in Pediatrics
University of Southwestern Medical Center, 2010, Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology

Research Interests:

A central focus of Dr. Twombley’s research is in antibody mediated rejection (AMR) and its long term effects such as hypertension, donor specific antibody development and chronic kidney disease. I am currently the PI on a multicenter grant with the Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium where we are investigating the complications of kidney transplantation. My long-term goals consist of a clinical focus on pediatric kidney transplantation, while academically I aspire to continue to be a productive and responsible independent clinical/translational investigator and educator. I have worked on multi-institutional projects as well as institutional projects.

Highlight Publications:

  • Gattineni J, Bates C, Twombley K, Dwarakanath V, Robinson ML, Goetz R, Mohammadi M, Baum M. (2009) FGF23 decreased renal NaPi-2a and NaPi-2c expression and induces hypophosphatemia in vivo predominantly via FGF receptor 1.  Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 297(2): F282-91.
  • Twombley K, Gattineni J, Bobulescu IA, Dwarakanath V, Baum M. (2010) Effect of Metabolic Acidosis on Neonatal Proximal Tubule Acidification. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol
  • Habib S, Gattineni J, Twombley K, Baum M. (2010) Evidence That Prenatal Programming of Hypertension by Dietary Protein Deprivation Is Mediated by Fetal Glucocorticoid Exposure. Am J Hypertens
  • Gattineni J, Twombley K, Goetz R, Mohammadi M, Baum M. (2011) Regulation of Serum 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D3 levels by Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 is mediated by FGF Receptors 3 and 4. Am J  Physiol Renal Physiol.,
  • Joseph C, Twombley K, Gattineni J, Zhang Q, Dwarakanath V, Baum M (2011) Acid Increases NHE8 Surface and Activity in NRK Cells, Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.
  • Baum M, Twombley K, Gattineni J, Joseph C, Wang L, Zhang Q, Dwarakanath V, Moe OW. (2012) Proximal tubule Na+/H+ exchanger activity in adult NHE8-/-, NHE3-/-, and NHE3-/- /NHE8-/- mice. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol., 303(11): F1495-502.
  • Twombley K, Thach L, Ribeiro A, Joseph C,Seikaly MG (2013) Acute Antibody Mediated Rejection in Pediatric Kidney Transplants: A Single Center Experience. Pediatric Transplant, doi: 10.1111/petr.12129.
  • Connelly J1, Pilch N, Oliver M, Jordan C, Fleming J, Meadows H, Baliga P, Nadig S, Twombley K, Shatat I, Taber D. (2015) Prediction of medication non-adherence and associated outcomes in pediatric kidney transplant recipients. Pediatr Transplant, PMID: 25917112
  • Kizilbash S, Claes D, Ashoor I, Chen A, Jandeska S, Matar RB, Misurac J, Sherbotie J, Twombley K, Verghese P. (2017) Bortezomib in the treatment of antibody mediated rejection in pediatric kidney transplant recipients: A multicenter Midwest Pediatric Nephrology Consortium study. Pediatr Transplant., PMID: 28092129
  • Nazario M, Nicoara O, Becton L, Self S, Hill J, Mack E, Evans M, Twombley K. (2018) Safety and utility of surveillance biopsies in pediatric kidney transplant patients. Pediatric Transplant. PMID: 29582530.
  • Jordan CL, Taber DJ, Kyle MO, Connelly J, Pilch NW, Fleming J, Meadows HB, Bratton CF, Nadig SN, McGillicuddy JW, Chavin KD, Baliga PK, Shatat IF, Twombley K. (2015) Incidence, risk factors, and outcomes of opportunistic infections in pediatric renal transplant recipients. Pediatric Transplant., PMID: 26576516.
  • Twombley K, Pokala H, Ardura MI, Harker-Murray P, Johnson-Welch SF, Weinberg A, Seikaly M. (2012) Intraventricular rituximab and systemic chemotherapy for treatment of central nervous system post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder after kidney transplantation. Pediatr Transplant.
  • Murphy HJ, Eklund ML, Hill J, Morella K, Cahill JB, Kiger JR, Twombley KE, Annibale DJ. (2019) Early continuous renal replacement therapy during infant extracorporeal life support is associated with decreased lung opacification. J Artif Organs., 34(8):1435-1445. PMID: 31342287
  • Vincent K, Murphy HJ, Ross JR, Twombley KE. (2019) Acute Kidney Injury Guidelines are Associated with Improved Recognition and Follow-up for Neonatal Patients. Adv Neonatal Care, PMID: 31567184

Complete NCBI list: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=twombley+K