Conference Schedule

2019-2020 PEM Educational Calendar

Every Tuesday
8:30- 9:00 Case discussion/housekeeping
9-11:30 Conference, location in library TBD
To prepare for conference: Read corresponding chapter in Fleisher and Ludwig and complete sections in Question book as indicated

In general: Division meetings are the third Tuesday of the month 12-1:30
Lunch with the division following conference on the 4th Tuesday of the month

Evening events at faculty homes, dates tbd:
PED family potluck:
-late summer/early fall, host: Jackson
-late winter, host: Titus

Journal clubs:
            -late fall/early winter, host: Kane and presenters: AM, MS, MM and KA
            -early spring, host: Price or KLH and presenters: QC, UD and LR

Options to teach in sim below with shift reduction:
Procedure sim dates (Wednesdays from 2:30-4pm)
Resuscitation sim dates (Fridays 9a-12p)

Conference Schedule:

July 5th: GME orientation for new fellows then orientation with Olivia over lunch

July 16th :Resuscitation/Shock  (EL 105)
RIP discussion
Lecture: Asha Kumar-Veeraswammy
EBM: Ian Kane
Sim: Amanda Price
Conf prep: Question Book: Advanced Airway and RSI, Shock, Sepsis and Resuscitation


July 18th: New Fellow Welcome Party
4PM Dalu Residence

July 23rd: Sim/ED mock code and sim curriculum intro—Amanda Price (EL 118)
Sedation Sim—Ben Jackson and Amanda Price
Conf prep: Question Book: Procedural Sedation and Analgesia, Procedures

July 30th: Ortho/Sports Medicine (EL 118)
8:30am U/S (Basics)
Ortho with Dr. Sara VanNortwick
MSK U/S with Matt and Quinn
U/S practice
Conf prep: Question Book: Orthopedics (Surgical Emergencies and Trauma)

August 6th:  (EL 105)
PICU Review (AM)

August 13th: CV  (EL 105)
8:30am U/S (Cardiac and IVC)
Lecture: Jason Buckley
EBM (OT articles)
11:30 U/S practice
Conf prep: Question Book: Cardiology and Signs and Symptoms

August 20th: Trauma (EL 104)
9am Lecture: Research, Dr. Chris Pruitt
10:30  Trauma Evaluation updates, Dr. Chris Streck
Conf prep: Question book: Trauma Head, Face, Neck and Trauma Thoracic

August 27th
8:30 Sim: Cardiac (PED)
9:30 ACEP Lectures : Ian Kane and Amanda Price (EL 103)

August 29th 
9am     EM Tox Sim (Sim Center)

September 7: PEM Family Beach Party
4pm until sunset
Jackson’s Residence

Sept 10th: Tox   (EL 103)
8:30am U/S (eFAST)
Lecture: Nick Connors
11:30: U/S practice
Conf prep: Question book: Tox Emergencies and Bites and Stings

Sept 12th:
Fellow talk to EM residents (QC)
10am Peds EM Radiology Conference

Sept 17th:
8:30am  TBA (Price)
9am Disaster Jeopardy: Kathy Lehman-Huskamp
Question book (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

Sept 24th:
8:30 Halo to meet PEM-CAP fellowship applicant
M&M (AM)

Oct 1st:
8:30am : U/S (Thoracic)
PICU Review (MM)
11:30: U/S practice

Oct 8th:
8:30am: Emily Brennan, Pubmed searches (bring laptops and questions)
M&M (MS)

Oct 15th:  
8:30am: Sports Medicine, Jana Upshaw
CAP: Drs. Carrie Busch and Colleen Bressler
Research for Dummies (Busch)
Conf prep: Question book: CAP and Infectious Diseases

Oct 22nd:  GI
8:30am: Fellow Rank List
EBM (Fellow articles)
Sim—Amanda Price
Lunch: Fellowship retreat to program feedback

Oct 29th: GI
8:30am: TeamSTEPPS (MS)
9:00  Lecture: John Mark Stone (GI Fellow)
10:00 Research Brainstorming (KA, UD, LR)
10:45 PubMed Searches and End Note (Brennan)
Conf prep: Question book: Research Methods and Epidemiology

Nov 12th: EMS
8:30 Lecture: Dr. David French
9:30-11:30 Simulation (AM & MM)
More sim task trainer practice to follow...
Conf prep: Question book: EMS and Transport

Nov 19th:
8:30am: TeamSTEPPS (MS)

Dec 3rd:
8:30am: U/S (GI 1)
PICU Review (KA)
11:30: U/S practice 

Dec 10th:  Derm Talk
Board Review: Question Book Tests
Fellows lunch to evaluate faculty

Dec 12th:
8:30-10 Fellow talk to EM residents (UD)
10am PEM Rad Conference 

Jan 7th: Renal/GU
8:30am: U/S (Renal)
Lecture: Dr. David Selewski, Nephrology
Lecture: Ben Jackson (GU)
11:30: U/S practice
Conf prep: Question book: Renal and Electrolytes and GU

Jan 14th:
8:30: Slit Lamp (QC)
PICU Review (UD)

Jan 21st:
M&M (MS)

Jan 28th: Renal/GU
EBM (Fellow articles)
Sim—Amanda Price

Feb 4th: Tox
Lecture: Nick Connors

Feb 11th:
8:30am: U/S (GI 2)
M&M (KA)
11:30: U/S practice 

Feb 25th: Rheum
Lecture: Dr. Sonia Savani, Rheum Fellow
EBM articles
Lunch: Fellowship Retreat
Conf prep: Question book: Rheum Emergencies

Wilderness Medicine March 2nd- March 13th

March 17th:
PICU Review (LR)

March 19th:
8:30-10 Fellow talk to EM residents (KA & LR)
10am PEM Rad Conference
SITE Exam Review with lunch

March 31st:
8:30am: U/S (OB)
11:30: U/S practice

April 7th: ENT/Ophtho/Dental
Lectures: Drs. Steed or Hipp
Sim with ocular u/s
Conf prep: Question book: Trauma Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat and Dental

April 14th:
Ortho Emergencies, Dr. Rob Murphy

April 21st: Sim Lab (QC & MS)

April 28th:
M&M (UD)

May 5th: Tox
Tox talks (QC & AM)

May 12th:
8:30am: U/S (GU/GYN)
PICU Review (QC)
11:30: U/S practice

May 14th:
Fellow talk to EM residents (AM)
10am PEM Rad Conference

May 19th: Medicolegal with CAP faculty and Vivian Fairbairn
Conf prep: Question book: Legal

May 26th: Board Review
Question Book Tests
Fellows lunch to evaluate faculty