DCRI Pediatrics Annual Symposium

13th Pediatric and Darby Children’s Research Institute Symposium-

Advances in Pediatric Cardiac Health and Disease


Friday, April 23, 2021 

Time Description
8:00 am Welcome and Introduction
 (Co-Chairs, Eric Graham, M.D. & Denis Guttridge, Ph.D.)
8:10 am  Keynote Address  
 William Gaynor, M.D. – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  
 "Life Before Birth: The Maternal Fetal Environment and Outcomes for Congenital Heart Disease”
8:40 am  Q&A session
 Session 1: Translational Sciences in Pediatric Cardiology  
 Chairs: TBA
8:50 am  Shahryar Chowdhury, M.D.  
 “Advanced Analysis of Ventricular Function in Congenital Heart Disease: Is it Useful?”
9:05 am Q&A Session
9:10 am   TBA: Peds Clinical Trainee (selected from abstracts)
9:20 am Q&A Session
9:25 am  TBA: Peds Clinical Trainee (selected from abstracts)
9:35 am  Q&A Session
9:45 am Break
Session 2:  DCRI Research Highlights  
 Chair: Dieter Haemmerich, Ph.D.
10:15 am  Takako Makita, Ph.D.
Establishment of Cardiac Sympathetic Control”
10:30 am  Q&A session
10:45 am  TBA: DCRI Trainee (selected from abstracts)
10:55 am  Q&A session
11:00 am  TBA: DCRI Trainee (selected from abstracts)
11:10 am  Q&A session
11:15 am  Announcement of Poster Awards
Session 3:  2020 Pediatric Department Pilot Grant Awardees
 Co-Chairs: John Costello, M.D. & Denis Guttridge, Ph.D
11:20 am  Rosmary Ros-Demarize, Ph.D.
“Tele-PCIT: Initial Examination of Internet Delivered PCIT for Young Children with Autism”
11:35 am  Q&A session
11:45 am  Jezabel Rodriguez-Blanco, Ph.D.
“Identifying the Drivers of Pediatric Brain Tumor Relapse”
12:00 pm  Q&A session
12:10 pm  Announcement of Pediatric Department 2021 Pilot Grant Awardees
12:20 pm  Lunch Break
1:00 pm  Keynote Address  Elizabeth McNally, M.D., Ph.D. – Northwestern University
 “Using Genetic Signals to Develop New Approaches for Myopathies
1:30 pm  Q&A session
1:40 pm  Closing Remarks (Andrew Atz, M.D.)