First Year

Headshot of Dr. Aizcorbe

Nicholas Aizcorbe, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Wofford College
Fun Fact:  I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina but have spent most of my life in South Carolina. My last name is Basque and pronounced EYEs-core-Bee because I'm sure you were wondering. I'm a huge soccer fan but I also enjoy watching and playing most other sports.  

Headshot of Dr. Bartholomeo

Adam Bartholomeo, M.D.
Medical School: University of Connecticut
Undergraduate: University of Connecticut
Fun Fact: I grew up in a small town in Connecticut with my large Italian family. I love to cook and bake including homemade pasta and cakes, respectively. I am a twin.

Headshot of Dr. Falgoust

Lindsay Falgoust, M.D.
Medical School: Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College
Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Fun Fact: I love baking in my free time. Although I do enjoy following traditional recipes, I also like putting in my own twists and flavors every now and then. Running is another one of my favorite things to do. I hope to complete a half marathon or full marathon during residency. I also really enjoy traveling - early exposure to exploring the world with my family fueled my passion for global health.

Headshot of Dr. Haj

Magda Haj, M.D.
Medical School: American University of Beirut
Undergraduate: American University of Beirut
Fun Fact: Outdoor activities are my favorite! These range from hiking, a day at the beach, and most definitely CrossFit training sessions under the sun. Aside from fitness, another interest of mine is going on “food adventures”...I am still on the lookout for the best pizza and burger out there!

Headshot of Dr. Harris

William Harris, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Fun Fact: I lived in Bolivia for a summer during college. While I was there, I did everything from working in a pizza restaurant to climbing a couple of mountains, and even got to spend a day harvesting potatoes using centuries-old Aymara techniques. My wife and I love playing ultimate Frisbee. In addition to year-round leagues and pickup games, we have played on a club team out of Charleston for a couple of summers, traveling as far as Virginia Beach and Nashville for tournaments. 

Headshot of Dr. King

Jeffrey King, M.D.
Medical School: St. Louis University
Undergraduate: Belmont University
Fun Fact: Fitness has become a big part of my life; I’ve run 3 half marathons and enjoy going to CrossFit. I also enjoy cooking Mexican dishes passed down from my family and baking desserts

Headshot of Dr. Laney

Zegilor Laney, Jr., M.D.
Medical School: University of South Carolina School - Greenville
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina
Fun Fact: I graduated undergrad with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for six years in the Nuclear Industry, so I'm probably slightly more radioactive than average. I have three children, all boys, with whom I share a number of interests including skateboarding, video games, and little Debbie snack cakes. My favorite movie of all time is Notting Hill.

Headshot of Dr. McCants

Alden McCants, M.D.
Medical School: University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Fun Fact: My two favorite things are going out on the boat and a good podcast! 

Headshot of Dr. Middleton

Faith Middleton, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Duke University
Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of all things Disney and I love to travel. One of my life goals is to visit all of the Disney parks around the world. 

Headshot of Dr. Noblett

Bryan Noblett, D.O.
Medical School: University of  North Texas - College of Osteopathic Med
Undergraduate: Texas Christian University
Fun Fact: I’m a Texas transplant and die-hard Cowboys fan who loves anything sports-related. I also have a 6-month-old, 60-lb Bernese mountain dog “puppy” who continues to act like a puppy, but now looks like she has eaten several small trees and enjoys casually rearranging my furniture whenever she decides to walk around.

Headshot of Dr. Pedigo

Virginia Pedigo, M.D.
Medical School: University of Central Florida
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Fun Fact:  I love having unique travel experiences, and have done things like swimming with giant manta rays in Hawaii and living with nuns and monks in Ireland. On a weirder note, I also found out during medical school that I have an extra pair of ribs located in my neck!

Headshot of Dr. Phillips

Dean Phillips, III, M.D.
Medical School: Texas Tech University
Undergraduate: Texas Tech University
Fun Fact: I am known for being prone to accidents.  Most notoriously, I broke my hip when I was a kid doing a front flip off the "big kid slide" and had to be pulled around in a wagon.  I blame it on my risky lifestyle, but most who know me would probably lean more to my lack of coordination as the culprit.  I grew up in Happy, TX, a small West Texas town with population of 700 people.  I graduated with 19 other  students in my class.  

Headshot of Dr. Puccio

Olivia Puccio, M.D.
Medical School: Texas Tech University
Undergraduate: Georgetown University
Fun Fact: I enjoy staying active, with my biggest accomplishments thus far including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and running a marathon. When I feel like relaxing, I relish having a good cup of coffee and cuddling with my two cats Chloe and Jet.

Headshot of Dr. Stoll

Caitlin Stoll, D.O.
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Med.- Auburn Campus
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Fun Fact: The beach is definitely my favorite place on earth, and a requirement of anywhere I plan on living. I also love home improvement projects, most recently I built a bar cart and raised vegetable garden.