Chief Residents

Headshot of Dr. Donnely

Brynn Donnelly, M.D.
Medical School:
Florida International University
University of Florida
Favorite thing about Charleston: Is how dog friendly it is here! There are a ton of outdoor things to do, and there is a never-ending list of restaurants and breweries to try. Because it’s such a tourist destination, friends and family always want to come visit which has been great.
I got the sense that residents really liked each other and got along well with the faculty (which I can now say is true!). Patients come to MUSC for “bread and butter” pediatrics diseases, their primary care, and for rare and complex diseases so we get to see everything all in one place. Those things combined with the draws of Charleston itself made MUSC a great choice.

Headshot of Dr. Walgrave

Mason Walgrave, M.D.
Medical School:
Chicago Medical School
Undergraduate: University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Favorite thing about Charleston: Is the amount of sunny days here. I also am a big fan of the beaches and outdoor cafes/bars around for a weekend or weekday night which is very nice. The people are generally very friendly, and it has some of the big city feel but is still pretty easy to get around and has its quiet moments too.
Why MUSC? I chose MUSC because of the smaller city feel where you have a real chance to get to know everyone in the program, but is still a big enough city to be a referral center. The spectrum of disease process seen at MUSC is vast, and I feel confident that in my training I have seen both common and uncommon things enough to feel prepared for solo practice. Additionally, The faculty and staff at MUSC both in Pediatrics as well as other programs at the hospital are wonderful and very friendly, and give MUSC a more collegial atmosphere that is wonderful for trainees to get to be a part of.