Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Curriculum

Example Schedule

Month PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3 PGY-4
July Peds Wards* Peds ER Peds Wards* Peds Derm Elective
August Med Wards* Peds Renal Elective Peds Ambulatory Peds Wards
September Developmental Peds Peds Wards* Peds ID Elective Peds Adolescent
October Med Heme Wards* Med Endo Elective Med Wards* Med Wards
November Med ID Consults Med Wards* Med Neuro CS* Med UIM
December Med Cards/Card Consults* Med UIM Med UIM Med Renal Consults
January Peds ER Peds Elective Peds GI Elective Peds Rheum Elective
February Peds NICU Peds PICU* Peds Rheum Elective Peds Surgery
March Peds Wards* Peds NBN Peds Level 2 Peds Renal Elective
April Med MICU* Med Heme CS* Med MICU* Med Elective
May Med VA Wards* Med Heme Wards* Med Rheum Elective MedPeds Transitions Elective
June Peds Cards Clinic Med ER Med Renal CS* Med Rheum Elective

*indicates call months


While on each rotation and throughout the entire training period the resident serves as a categorical resident for each program and attends all educational conferences for that rotation.

Internal Medicine:

  • Morning Report: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Intern Academic Education Conference: Every Tuesday
  • Upper Level Academic Education Conference: Every Thursday
  • Grand Rounds: Every Tuesday morning


  • Morning Report: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Academic Half Day: Every Wednesday
  • Grand Rounds: Every Friday morning

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics:

  • Noon Conference:  Bi-monthly; run by Med-Peds residents
  • Business meeting: Monthly
  • Journal Club: Monthly


Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residents in Social Setting