Christmas Drive

Help Bring Joy to Patients In Need

It is not uncommon for a patient to remain at the unit for five days with only the clothes they were wearing when they arrived. Unlike other hospital floors, patients on the unit are expected to wear regular clothes throughout their stay. Children are admitted because their illness requires immediate medical treatment and many patients live a significant distance away from the hospital, or other circumstances that limit the loved ones’ ability to bring items to the hospital. Additionally, due to the nature of the illness, clothing can become soiled frequently during the patient's treatment. If their clothing becomes soiled, they must resort to wearing hospital gowns/scrubs.

Requested Items for Patients & Hospital

The Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is seeking donations of items to help comfort patients who are receiving treatment at MUSC.

An extended stay at the hospital is intimidating. Please help us to make this treatment more comforting for our patients. We are seeking donations for the following clothing items, in sizes for children ages 6 to 18 and adult sizes Small - Large: Underwear, sweatpants without strings, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, pajama pants without strings, and slippers.

We are also seeking board and card games; stuffed animals without ties or strings; journals without spiral binding; age appropriate books; and coloring books and crayons to enrich their stay on the unit.

Other small suggestions:
• Play dough     • Sports ball
• Candy             • Coloring book
• Shampoo        • Art kit
• Body Wash     • Backpack
• Conditioner     • Blanket
• Deodorant       • Book
• Socks              • Journal
• Tech Gloves    • Hygiene Items
• Hats                • Lego sets
• Chap stick       • Markers

Please bring all donations to:

The Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Continuing Education Office, 404A:

67 President St., Charleston SC 29425  Items may be left at the security desk or call 843-792-0175.

To donate, please click here and choose Friends of Mental Health.