COVID-19 Resiliency Clinic

What is the COVID-19 Resiliency Clinic?

In addition to current resources of MUSC’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the newly established COVID-19 Resiliency Clinic embedded within the Sleep and Anxiety Treatment and Research Program will provide individual brief telehealth interventions to help MUSC healthcare providers in bolstering resilience as they provide care to COVID-19 patients. Further, the COVID-19 Resiliency Clinic will offer regular virtual webinar workshops to offer information about stress management strategies, coping, and fostering a self of well-being during this challenging time. More information can be found here (PDF).

Resiliency Resources from MUSC

Healthcare workers across MUSC who are responding to and caring for COVID-19 patients within our community are at increased risk of stress related difficulties. Developing strategies to bolster resilience in order to continue to respond effectively is essential for the health and well-being of our healthcare team. Several resources have been compiled to assist in taking care of yourself and those around you during these challenging times. More information about these resources can be found here (PDF).

COVID-19 Resiliency Clinic

MUSC, MUHA, and MUSC-P faculty and staff can be seen for free brief COVID-19 specific stress management and resiliency bolstering coping strategies within one to four individual telehealth clinical support sessions. These sessions will focus on learning tools to manage and cope with stressors related to COVID-19 care.

Contact: Dr. Melissa Milanak or 843-792-0042

Sleep and Anxiety Research and Treatment Center

MUSC, MUHA, and MUSC-P faculty and staff are offered individual evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy and medication management currently via telehealth for sleep and anxiety related difficulties.

Contact: Dr. Melissa Milanak or 843-792-0042

MUSC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

MUSC, MUHA, and MUSC-P faculty and employees and their families can be seen for free, short term counseling. An operator is available 8:30am-5:00pm, sessions are by appointment only.

Contact: Jeni Bowers-Palmer or 843-792-2848

MUSC Chaplaincy/ Pastoral Care Services

On-site service is available 24/7. Contact: Call 843-792-9464 or Page (Main: 18089; ART: 17265; SJCH: 17075)

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