Adolescent Specific Materials
Dealing with Trauma- A TF-CBT Workbook for Teens (PDF)
TF-CBT - A "Take Five" (PDF)
TF-CBT Teen: The Whole 9 Yards (PDF)
APSAC Alert- Childhood Maltreatment & Self-Injury (PDF)

TF-CBT Specific
Letter To My Child Who Was Abused (PDF)
Relaxation Exercise (PDF)
The Trauma Narrative (PDF)
Tips for Administering Assessment Instruments (PDF)
Your Very Own TF-CBT Workbook (PDF)
TF-CBT Workbook (Spanish) (PDF)

Articles & Reports
After a Suicide- Toolkit for Schools (PDF)
Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents (PDF)


For Caregivers
Affect Regulation- Parenting Strategies (PDF)
Child Physical Abuse Fact Sheet (PDF)
Physical Punishment Fact Sheet (PDF)
Raising Well-Behaved Kids Fact Sheet (PDF)

For Children
Sleep Tips- Kids (PDF)

For Providers
Gradual Exposure Handout (PDF)
Affective Processing (PDF)
Cognitive Coping (PDF)
Psychoeducation (PDF)
Relaxation (PDF)
Target Criteria for TF-CBT Box (PDF)
TF-CBT Brief Practice Checklist (PDF)
TF-CBT Clinical Workbook, Pat (PDF)
TF-CBT Implementation Manual (PDF)
TF-CBT Session Outline (PDF)
Traveling Therapist TF-CBT (PDF)
20 Ways to Get Kids to Start Trauma Narratives (PDF)

Affect Expression & Modulation
Affect Regulation Emotions Faces (PDF)
Affect Regulation Emotion Thermometer (PDF)
Affect Regulation Name the Feelings (PDF)
Affect Regulation Rating Feelings (PDF)
Affect Regulation Superhero Feelings (PDF)
Affect Regulation Emotion Handouts 1 (PDF)
Affect Regulation Emotion Handouts 4 (PDF)
Affect Regulation Emotion Handouts 7 (PDF)

Cognitive Coping & Processing
Cognitive Coping Thoughts Feelings Behaviors (PDF)
Cognitive Coping Planning (PDF)
Cognitive Coping Superhero Thoughts (PDF)
Cognitive Coping Thought Bubbles (PDF)
Cognitive Coping Thought Sheet- Train (PDF)
Cognitive Coping Thoughts Feelings Behaviors Examples (PDF)
Cognitive Coping Work with Young Children (PDF)
Cognitive Processing Impact Statement Questions- Child (PDF)
Cognitive Processing Jaycee Dugard Impact Statement (PDF)

Psychoeducation Safety Contract (PDF)
Psychoeducation Touching Rules (for Children) (PDF)

Relaxation Breathing Exercises Handouts- Kids (PDF)
Relaxation Coping Skills (PDF)
Relaxation Playlist (PDF)
Relaxation Script for Younger Children (PDF)
Relaxation Ten Things I Can Do When I Feel Upset (PDF)