Clinical Services

Our program provides mental health treatment for pregnant and postpartum women. Our program has expertise in the treatment of peripartum:

Pre-pregnancy consultation for women with a history of mental health problems or taking psychotropic medication is also available. 

Our program helps women and their families understand the risks associated with untreated mental health problems in pregnancy and/or postpartum as well as any potential risks of treatment including medications in pregnancy or during lactation. We offer an array of treatment options including therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, etc.), alternative and lifestyle interventions (yoga, exercise, sleep, nutrition, light therapy, rTMS, etc.) as well as medication, if appropriate. Treatment plans are individualized to support women’s needs, preferences and values. With permission, treatment plans and ongoing care are communicated and coordinated with obstetric and/or pediatric providers. 

Accessing Our Services 

We believe that pregnant or postpartum women should have readily available access to mental health care and therefore offer a ‘walk-in’ clinic for all new patients needing a first appointment every Monday and Wednesday from 8am-10:30am at MUSC Women’s Health Services. If you are not local to the Charleston area, please contact us at 843-792-9907 to see if telemedicine services are available in your area.