Support Mental Health Care for SC Moms

MUSC cares about the well-being of SC moms and their children. Help us to make sure women receive the care they need at home after the pandemic subsides.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Click this link to find your legislator:
  2. Click on the legislator’s name
  3. Click Send message
  4. Fill out all required fields (a template message is below)
  5. Feel free to include a personal story! If you would like, include a picture of your family.

Template Message

Subject line: Support SC Moms’ Mental Health

Dear Senator [NAME] OR Mr./Mrs. [NAME],

My name is [NAME], I live in [CITY], and I am a constituent. In March 2020, South Carolina passed legislation granting Medicaid funding for home-based virtual visits for mental health treatment, including therapy from psychologists and LISWs. I encourage you to extend that funding.

Maternal mental health is vital to the health of both mothers and their children. Home-based virtual visits allow more mothers to have access to the critical care they need. Telehealth eliminates barriers to treatment, such as time and expense traveling to the doctor’s office, finding childcare, and taking time off work.

The Medicaid funding that the South Carolina legislature approved has set the standard for the entire health insurance marketplace in our state. I urge you to see beyond the current pandemic to the long-term impact you can make on the health of women and their children in our state.