Oncologic and Endocrine Surgery

Surgery is used in several ways to help people with cancer and it provides the best chance to stop many types of cancer. It also plays a part in diagnosing, staging, and supporting cancer treatment. 

The team of surgeons in the Division of Oncologic and Endocrine Surgery specialize in treating cancer patients, including Fellowship-trained surgical oncologists.

  • We care for patients with breast diseases/cancer, endocrine tumors, melanoma, soft tissue tumors, pancreas cancer, liver cancer, bile duct cancer, colon cancer and gastric cancer.
  • We advance knowledge regarding breast diseases/cancers, endocrine tumors, melanoma, soft tissue tumors, and GI cancers through basic, translational and clinical research.
  • We are at the forefront of minimally invasive techniques that improve precision and reduce recovery time.
  • We educate students and residents regarding optimal treatment and care of patients with breast diseases/cancers, endocrine tumors, melanomas, soft tissue tumors, and GI cancers.

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Meet our faculty and learn about their expertise:

David Mahvi, M.D.
Chief & Professor of Surgery  

Andrea Abbott, M.D. MSCR
Associate Professor of Surgery

Denise Carneiro-Pla, M.D. FACS
Professor of Surgery

David J. Cole, M.D.
President, Medical University of South Carolina

Thomas Curran, M.D., MPH
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Nancy DeMore, M.D. FACS
Professor of Surgery
Medical Director MUSC Breast Center

Virgilio George, M.D. FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery

Mahsa Javid, M.D. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Mark Lockett, M.D. FACS
Professor of Surgery
Vice Chair of Veterans Affairs

Rochelle Ringer, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Shikhar Mehrotra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor