A Message from the Program Director


I has been an honor to be part of your training for the past 6 years.  From the time you rotated with us as a visiting medical student, you have impressed us with who you are as an individual, and we are fortunate that you matched with us.  We have lived through substantial changes, but I am pleased to see that your ideals have never varied. 

Your determination to become the best surgeon possible and never ending willingness to serve patients in your care will continue to benefit your community. Undoubtedly, you have earned my trust in the care of our shared patients.

Throughout your time with us, you have been an inspiration to fellow residents, nurses and the entire team. Your willingness to teach others around you has been particularly helpful to our program. 

Thank you for joining our team and completing your training with us. I wish you the very best as you transition to your early career in Charlotte.

Chad Denlinger, M.D.
Cardiothoracic Surgery Program Director


Messages from family and friends

Dear Brad,  Congratulations…You’ve been preparing for today all your life, and it’s finally here! 

Growing up, you showed at a very young age that you were capable of doing very big things. 

It was clear that you would make the most of your life – but WHAT you would do was the question. 

 From the start, you seemed sure of yourself – knowing what you wanted and how you were going to get it. (Having a big brother helped.)  Not easily intimidated, you embraced and thrived on challenges and competition. Whether playing basketball and baseball with those who were older, bigger, faster, better or taking Latin in High School – you said, “bring it on!” Hearing “you can’t” translated into “I can, and I will.”  Continually learning, practicing, and loving ‘hands-on’ experiences (for which you were affectionately called ‘Mr. Handy’), you impressed many with your knowledge and abilities.  “Go Ask Brad” was a familiar phrase throughout your many years of education, and at home. 

Taking extra high school self-study courses for college credit and obtaining an online MBA during med school – Why not? Your innate understanding of people, kind and caring heart, willingness to help others, and your genuine happy and social nature brightened many lives. Today, this is still you… and we pray always will be.  Your early love of basketball and desire to pursue a coaching career was challenged over the years and especially at Notre Dame.  You realized that you were blessed with abilities to truly help people. Your professional aspiration changed; your medical journey began.  We have watched and supported you the best we could throughout your CT Residency.  All the highs and lows of the past six years have tested and strengthened you in preparation for all that will be required of you. 

Not only have you increased your surgical knowledge and skills, you’ve gained a better understanding of yourself and your needs as a person, as well as a doctor. We are proud of you for persevering and achieving seemingly unimaginable goals.We are very grateful to be part of your exciting life journey and as you’ve grown, we’ve learned so much from you. We feel truly blessed and proud to be your parents. Thank you for being our son, for being you. You are forever in our hearts.

May God continue to bless you!

Love,Mom and Dad


Dear Brad,

As a little boy, we never could have imagined what you have accomplished with your life. You have been blessed with a good mind and today you are a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Aren’t you glad I taught you to sew?

Thank you for all the wonderful memories we have shared together: cruises, Ocean City, NJ shore vacations, summer visits with us in Florida, many fun family Christmas celebrations with some very unusual gifts, five wonderful Charleston Christmas visits, celebrating all the graduations, and enjoying chicken and dumplings, pot roast and kasha, and pretzels. We are looking forward to making many new ones.

May God bless you and continue to guide you in your new position.

You are one amazing grandson! We love you and are so proud of you!

Pops and Granny



Congratulations on making it through the residency.  We are so proud of your dedication and work ethic to make it through the six years and wish you great success as you move on to practicing your craft.  

From the moment you decided that medicine was your path you have dedicated yourself to getting to this point.  Now, take a few moments to enjoy that the process is over before the next phase of your career begins.  Also, enjoy the fact you aren’t on call for a month.  Stay hungry for knowledge as you move on and throughout your career because that is what has gotten you to where you are now. 

 And remember, if it wasn’t for the constant harassing of your older brother when you were little, you wouldn’t have had the thick skin to get through the last six years.  Great job and congratulations!

Bobby and Lydia LeNoir

Uncle Brad,

Ben – Congratulations, I hope you do well at your new job!

Rory – Congratulations Uncle Brad!

Adam – We are so happy for you, Uncle Brad!

Letty – Happy birthday Uncle Brad! You are a great uncle!


When Grandmom Bess was asked if she would like to send a message to Brad upon his finishing his residency, Grandmom got teary-eyed and her lip began to quiver.

She commented, "I am so proud of what he has accomplished. He has worked so hard for it. It wasn't an easy road, but he persevered!"

Grandmom Bess congratulates you ----------- Dr. Bradley John LeNoir


Love and Congratulations to you, Brad! Another huge accomplishment in your very accomplished life.

While distance dictated that we rarely had front row seats, we have always enjoyed being in your cheering section. We are lucky enough to say we have been there from the beginning of your life, and proud enough to say we always knew you were exceptional. Your mom would tell us the best Brad stories and we loved hearing them, repeating them, and carving them on our hearts. A favorite, because it so succinctly captures your inquisitive and logical nature, is from your early childhood. Your mom said you questioned everything you saw or heard, so one day she remarked “you sure are a ‘why’ boy.”You immediately replied, “you sure are a ‘because’ mommy.”  

Your quick intelligence never slows down or accepts the easy answer even now. We especially treasure the times we were literally in your cheering section, seeing you fiercely compete on the basketball court, then seeing you on the sidelines surrounded by the Lady Irish. Your love of sports and your teams- the 49ers, Sallies, Notre Dame..reflects your big heart and deep sense of loyalty.  No wonder you have such a loyal bunch of friends from every chapter of your life.

No wonder you have traveled so far and learned so much. The life of a doctor, as you well know, is not the easiest life. It requires a constant, agile intelligence, a willingness to battle fiercely against fatigue, disease, bureaucracy and a revolving door of problems. It requires acting courageously and decisively in areas most people can’t imagine. What an amazing bag of skills you have collected! What an auspicious occasion this is!

Again, we do not have front row seats, but we are cheering loudly from our quarantine quarters. We are so proud of you, for you, with you. You literally hold hearts in your surgeon hands, but those are not the only hearts you hold. 

Now go save lives❤️

Love, Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan


Dear Brad,

How can something feel like it's been so long coming and yet, feel like it was just yesterday! From nights at the Grotto...ND announcing...Irish stats...Central American missions…to life and medical school in Columbus and long hours with a few nights in Arizona….to residency and homeownership in Charleston SC; and through it all, you worked like a man on a mission.

Yes, you were on a mission, and what a wild ride you've had! It's not a stretch to say that the world is and will be a better place because of the choices you've made; and what exactly you're capable of doing is beyond us.

Yet, we can imagine the smiles on the faces of those patients whom you and your teams of colleagues have helped to heal and save and those whom you will heal and save, and that will be worth millions. Congrats, Bradly John, you have earned it! You have searched wide and within, grown and matured, and persevered! 

God bless you always!

Our Love and Prayers,

Uncle Larry and Aunt Pat



We are so proud of you! Congratulations on your graduation. It’s so great to see all those years of hard work pay off. Charlotte is lucky to have you!

We love you!

Your ‘sisters’ – Kate and Mary



We want to congratulate you on your accomplishment as cardiothoracic surgeon! Your many years of sacrifice and commitment to learning will help save many lives!  We remember you as a child and your tenacity in the pursuit of sports. We remember one baseball game in particular that your team lost, and you took it so personally.  You worked hard and losing was never an option for you.  That drive has helped you succeed in all that you have. Your love and support from your parents, has also been a pillar for you. Your extended family, while far away in distance, love and pray for your too! You are truly blessed.

You’ve become a very accomplished man. Continue to show God’s love through your skill and compassion to those you serve.  We look forward to seeing what the Lord does with your future.

With love,

Uncle Tom, Aunt Maria and Family



Congratulations on another outstanding achievement.  You are blessed with so many talents, and that you are using them to help others makes you even more special.  It’s been an honor to know you and watch you grow into the incredible adult you have become.  I look forward to many more accomplishments and wish you all the very best.


Debbie Krzywicki, 4th grade teacher & friend