Zachary Young, M.D. Plastic Surgery Independent Chief

Zachary Young, M.D. was born in Memphis, TN to Dr. Jerry and Glenda Young.His parents relocated to Jonesboro, AR when he was two years old. It is there that his love of health care began in his dad’s office, where he would work filing patient charts after school and at nights.

Zach attended the University of Arkansas for undergraduate and maintained his constant pursuit of medical training throughout. He worked as a patient care tech his first year in college, but the love of surgery began in his second year of college.

It was in the second year of college that he was able to work as a surgical scrub tech in his family’s ENT practice. That experience also afforded him the opportunity to perform direct patient care, and obtain a license in limited radiography of the skull and sinuses. His three years working as a scrub tech sparked his interest in surgical finesse and reconstructive surgery.

Zach attended medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) where he met his wife, Megan, who was pursuing her career as a CRNA. He completed General Surgery residency at UAMS, where he fostered his love for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery under Drs. James Yuen and the late Barbera Honnebier. Zach was lucky enough to match at MUSC where he has had the opportunity to work with world class surgeons and develop lifelong friendships. Upon completion of his fellowship, he will return to Little Rock, Arkansas to join a private practice Plastic Surgery group.


I would like to thank God for the many blessings he has given me and for allowing me the fortune to do what I love for work. An unrepayable debt is owed to my wife, Megan, who has been my rock and unwavering supporter through medical school and the past 10 years of surgery training. The amount of strength and conviction that it takes to be married to a surgeon in training is vastly under estimated, and I am so blessed to have the love of my life by my side through the whole experience.

Zachary and his family

To my children, Jackson and Ella, you are the light of my life, and no matter how long the day has been, or how tired I am, your smiles, laughter, and love instantaneously brighten my world.

Zach and parents

My uncles, Drs. John Jiu and the late William Young Jr. showed me the impact that surgeons can have on their patients and communities, and I owe them an incredible debt for their mentorship. To my sister, Lauren Young Hall, and all my extended family and friends, thank you for all that you have done to help me through my medical training journey.


To all of those that have helped me along the way, I am eternally grateful.