Scrotal Pain and Swelling


The student knows the anatomy of the scrotal contents. The student is familiar with the embryologic development and descent of the testicle.

Knowledge Objectives

Through their reading and patient care experiences, at the end of the rotation students should be able to:

Generate a list of potential diagnoses for the patient who presents with pain or a mass in the scrotum.
Discuss testicular vs. extratesticular origins
Discuss benign vs. malignant causes
Discuss emergent vs. nonemergent causes
List history and physical exam findings that will help you differentiate etiologies. Be sure to discuss the following issues:
pain - presence, absence, onset, severity
palpation - distinguish testicular from extratesticular (adnexal) mass
effect of Valsalva maneuver
Discuss the diagnostic algorithm for scrotal swelling and/or pain.
Discuss the staging and treatment of testicular cancer.
Discuss treatment of non-malignant causes of scrotal swelling and/or pain.
Discuss diagnosis and treatment of the undescended testicle (be sure to consider age of diagnosis).
Discuss role of scrotal self-exam in early detection of testicular cancer.
Discuss methods for prevention/early detection of testicular cancer for patients with a previously undescended testicle.