MidCourse Feedback

At the beginning of the third week of the rotation, students are to meet with the chief resident on their assigned service or with an attending who they feel knows them well enough to complete the first part of the below form. After that part is completed please set up a meeting through the offices of your course director (see below for that info) to meet with you to complete the second part of the form. It is the student’s responsibility to print out the form and bring it to whoever they meet with.

The student will then turn this form into Zeral Reveral (scan/email to reveral@musc.edu, fax to 792-4523 or bring to room CSB 416) who will document the completion of this requirement.

Open the Feedback Form (pdf)

 Service Course Director Course Director Assistant Phone#
CT Dr. Katz Rebecca Benware 876-4842
Plastics Dr. Armstrong Eliora Vereen 792-5346
Peds Dr. Streck Julie Caraway 792-3851
GI Dr. Morgan Jeri Lawing 876-0379
Transplant Dr. McGillicuddy Ellen Rowe 792-8358
Trauma Dr. Norcross Sheri Harmon 792-5624
Oncology Dr. Camp Stacy Miers 876-4420
VA Dr. Pullatt Jeri Lawing 876-0379
Vascular Dr. Veeraswamy Shon Gladden 876-4855