Small Group Topics

During their surgery clerkship, third year students will participate in small group discussions on a variety of surgery related topics. These groups will be lead by a member of the faculty from the MUSC Department of Surgery. Eight sessions are planned to be held over the six weeks of the surgery core course. The first of these sessions is a suturing laboratory where students will have the opportunity to learn and practice basic suturing and knot tying techniques.

You will discover, as you spend time with MUSC’s surgeons that it is difficult for surgeons to schedule any particular set time for these small group sessions. Sessions will be held at times selected by the preceptor and may vary from session to session. Additionally, unexpected emergencies may require a scheduled session to be cancelled or changed to a different time at the last minute. Students should expect this and understand that this is part of the fast paced lifestyle of a surgeon. It is important for students to keep abreast of these schedule changes as these small group sessions take precedence over all other activities and should not be missed except under extraordinary circumstances.

The topics for discussion are listed below: