4th Year Medical Student Information

Fourth Year Surgery Elective Rotation

All medical students at MUSC are required to successfully complete a four week elective in Surgery during their fourth year. We think it most appropriate for students to pick the elective that will best prepare them for their future careers in the medical field of their choice. The overall purpose of this rotation, then, will be to provide an experience in surgery that will benefit the student during their initial year of residency. Each elective is different in its content as well as in its structure. Hopefully, these experiences will be as different as possible from the third year student rotations.

Each elective will have its own individual course director. Questions should be directed to that physician. This attending will also be responsible for grading for the course. Overall supervision for the course will be through the Department of Surgery’s Undergraduate Medical Education Committee with the Surgical Education Coordinator, Kris Banks-Smalls, responsible for the day to day organization and coordination.

Students may select preceptorships with selected, experienced surgeons in the community, or choose electives within the MUSC Departments of Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Otorhinolaryngology, or Urology.

Absence Policy

The Department of Surgery strictly adheres to the College of Medicine’s Absence Policy (PDF).

Advanced Surgical Electives: