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Surgery Research Recognition Day and Eric R. Frykberg M.D. Lecture

Surgery Research Recognition Day showcases the exceptional research work in which our residents, medical students and graduate students participate. It also provides an opportunity for our trainees, faculty and researchers to learn from world class experts during the annual Eric R. Frykberg, M.D. Lecture. 

Online Poster Presentations - Viewing and Judging takes place from Monday, October 25 - Friday, October 29!


Friday, October 29

1 - 5 p.m. 

Drug Discovery Auditorium | Virtual 

Each year, our Surgery Research Recognition Day gets bigger and better. This year we had a record number of submissions and the in-person presentations are ones you will not want to miss! New this year, Poster Presentations will be hosted on our website October 25 - 29 with opportunities to vote using your MUSC e-mail. 

Schedule of Events

1 – 1:05 p.m. Opening Remarks

1:05 – 1:50 p.m. Eric R. Frykberg  M.D. Lecture  

Let’s reboot together: 
Finding new purpose in the almost post-pandemic era

Dr. Barbara Bass

Barbara L. Bass, M.D.  FACS

Vice President for Health Affairs
Dean of the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences 
Chief Executive Officer of The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

About Barbara L. Bass, M.D., FACS 


Podium Presentations

Podium Presentations start immediately following the Eric R. Frykberg, M.D. Lecture

1:50 - 5 p.m. Podium Presentations 

1:50 – 2:02 p.m.  Complications are associated with ECLS duration in pediatric ECLS 

              Authors: Adams, L. Evey, BS; Mukherjee, Rupak PhD; Hollinger, Laura E. MD    

2:02 – 2:14  p.m.  Towards equitable surgical management of inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review of disparities in surgery for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis 

Authors: Alexander Booth, MD, Wilson Ford, BA, Emily Brennan, MLIS, Gayenell Magwood, RN, PhD, FAAN, Erin Forster, MD, MPH, Thomas Curran, MD, MPH    

2:14 – 2:26 p.m. Serum and Glucocorticoid Inducible Kinase-1 (SGK-1) Activity is Upregulated in Hypertension and Promotes IL-6 Expression to Drive Aortic Macrophage Accumulation

Authors: Adam Brown, SarahRose Hall, Ying Xiong, Rupak Mukherjee, Jeffrey A. Jones, Jean Marie Ruddy   

2:26 – 2:50 p.m. Nine-Year Experience with the Arterial Switch Operation with Closed Coronary Transfer 

Authors: Sarah Chen, MD; Jennie H. Kwon, MD; Srujan Ganta, MD; T. Konrad Rajab, MD; Scott Bradley, MD; and Minoo N. Kavarana, MD  

2:50 – 3:02 p.m.  Mesenchymal stromal cells for the treatment of pain associated with chronic pancreatitis 

Authors: Rebecca P. Chow, Wenyu Gou, Katherine Morgan, William Lancaster, Charlie Strange, Hongjun Wang  

3:02 – 3:14  p.m. Break

3:14 – 3:26 p.m. Preoperative chronic partial obstruction is associated with ileus following right sided colectomy 

Authors: Matthew Di Leo, Mark Kovacs, Alexander Booth, Pinckney Johnstone Maxwell IV, Virgilio V George, Thomas Curran 

  Presenter: Matthew Di Leo, Medical Student

3:26 – 3:50 p.m. Blockade of Serum and Glucocorticoid Inducible Kinase-1 (SGK-1) can Attenuate Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Growth 

Authors: Mario Figueroa, Sarah Rose Hall, Ying Xiong, Rupak Mukherjee, Jeffrey Jones, Jean Marie Ruddy   

3:50 – 4:02 p.m. Plaque Contact Surface Area and Flow Lumen Volume Predict Stroke Risk in Extracranial Carotid Artery Stenosis

Authors: Ryan Gedney, Veena Mehta, Matthew Bridges, Adam Brown, Ravi Veeraswamy    

4:02– 4:14 p.m.   Partial Heart Transplantation: A New Operation to Deliver Growing Heart Valve Replacements

Authors: Jennie H. Kwon, M.D., Brielle Gerry, M.D., Morgan A. Hill, Jordan Morningstar, Russell A. Norris, Ph.D., Satish N Nadig, M.D., Ph.D., Minoo N. Kavarana, M.D., T. Konrad Rajab, M.D.

4:14 – 4:26 p.m. Secreted frizzled related protein 2 is prognostic for survival in pancreatic cancer and is associated with tumor fibrosis 

Authors: Julie B. Siegel, Patrick Nasarre, Laura Spruill, Kristi Helke, Eleanor Hilliard, Rupak Mukherjee, Nancy Klauber-DeMore   

4:26 – 4:50 p.m. A Quality Improvement Initiative to Standardize Time to Initiation of Enteral Feeds after Non-Surgical Necrotizing Enterocolitis using a Consensus based Guideline 

Authors: Head, William T; Patel, Ekta U; Rohrer, Allison; Ryan, Rita M; Lesher, Aaron P   

4:50 – 5 p.m.   Winners Announced & Thank you 

   Past Speakers and Award Winners