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A Supportive Culture Maintains General Surgery Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kristen M. Quinn, M.D.; Julie B. Siegel, M.D.; Andrea M. Abbott, M.D.

A Surgery-First Approach Improves Overall Survival for Clinical T1 Gastric Cancer

Julie B. Siegel, M.D.; Rupak Mukherjee, PhD; Bryce De Champlain; David M. Mahvi, M.D.; William P. Lancaster, M.D.

Bariatric Surgery Outcomes Following Kidney Transplantation

Caitlin Watts, Nicole Pilch, Nina Crowley, Ph.D., Karl Byrne, M.D. Rana Pullatt, M.D. David Taber, Pharm D, Vinayak Rohan, M.D.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Worsens Pre-Existing Racial Disparities on the Care of Pediatric Acute Appendicitis

Raphael H Parrado M.D., Michael Reynolds M.D., Robert A Cina M.D.

Decreased Incidence of Rib Fractures in Pregnant Patients After Motor Vehicle Collisions

Marissa Di Napoli, M.D.; William DeVoe, M.D.; Stuart Leon, M.D.; Bruce Crookes, M.D.; Alicia Privette, M.D.; Whitney Graybill, M.D., MS; Evert Eriksson, M.D.

Diversity in the Pediatric Heart Transplant Surgeon Workforce Between 2000 and 2020

O. Agata Walkowiak; William Hardy; Lauren V. Huckaby, M.D., MS; Morgan Hill, Suyog Mokashi, M.D.; Minoo N. Kavarana, M.D.; Taufiek Konrad Rajab, M.D.

The Effect of Hypoxic Cold Storage and Reperfusion Injury on Autophagy and Endothelial Cell Health During Transplantation

Authors: Kirsten Snyder, Dinesh Jaishankar, Ph.D., Satish N. Nadig, M.D. Ph.D.

Go See the Patient! Reflexive fever workup after elective colectomy is of limited utility

Wilson Ford, Alexander Booth, M.D., Taofeek Olajire-Aro, M.D., Virgilio George, M.D., Thomas Curran, M.D.

William T Head BA, Raphael H Parrado M.D., Robert A Cina M.D.

Implementation and reception of a shelf exam review session for medical students

Alexander Booth, M.D.; Mathew Wooster, M.D.; Cynthia Talley, M.D.

Microsurgery Training Chicken Thighs as a Microsurgery Training Model: A Survey Study

Donna Mullner, M.D., Jose Gallegos, Georgina Nichols, M.D., Fernando Herrera, M.D., Isis Scomacao, M.D.

The Perioperative Experience During COVID-19: Exploring Patient Pandemic Anxiety

Kristen M Quinn M.D., Andrew Dippre, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Melinda Walto RN, Prabhakar Baliga M.D., Andrea M Abbott M.D. MSCR

Prolonged Ischemic Times for Heart Transplantation: Impact of the 2018 Allocation Change

Jennie H. Kwon, M.D.1; Lauren V. Huckaby, M.D., MS2; Brandon Sloan, M.D., MS1; Nicolas H. Pope, MD1; Lucas J. Witer, v1; Ryan J. Tedford, M.D.3; Brian A. Houston, M.D.3; Z.A. Hashmi M.D.1; Marc R. Katz, M.D.1; Arman Kilic, M.D.1

Residency Programs’ Online Presence is More Important During Virtual Application Cycles

Kristen M Quinn M.D., Raphael H Parrado M.D., Cynthia L Talley M.D.

Ruptured Complex Aortic Aneurysms Treated with Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repairs Using Physician Modified Endografts

Dias AP, Genovese EA, M.D., Veeraswamy RK, M.D., Wooster M.D.

A Simplified Rodent Model for Heterotopic Heart Valve Transplantation

Morgan A. Hill, Jennie H. Kwon, M.D. Satish N. Nadig, M.D. Ph.D., T. Konrad Rajab, M.D.

Stabilization of Gap and Tight Junctions Ameliorates Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in a Porcine Model of Renal Transplantation

Leah Plumblee, M.D. MS; Jane Kilkenny M.D.; Kunal Patel, M.D. PhD; Patterson Allen, M.D.; Logan Langerude BS; Satish Nadig M.D. PhD; Carl Atkinson PhD

Step 1 is Pass/Fail, Now What? Can Clinical Clerkship Grades be Used as a Reliable Metric to Screen General Surgery Residency Applicants?

Kristen Quinn M.D., Laura Campbell BS, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Andrea Abbott M.D., Chris Streck M.D.