SurgeOn, the MUSC Department of Surgery Newsletter

Department of Surgery fall newsletter. SurgeOn, the MUSC Department of Surgery bi-annual newsletter keeps you informed of the latest clinical and scientific innovations in the Department of Surgery. This fall, the Department of Surgery had several opportunities to highlight and celebrate our outstanding faculty, innovative research and accomplished trainees. 

In September, surgical leaders from around the country attended the annual meeting of the Halsted Society, hosted by the Department, bringing great prestige to our University and providing an opportunity to showcase our faculty, research and innovation to national leaders. 

In October, we honored three newly named Endowed Chairs in Cardiothoracic Surgery during an Investiture Ceremony in the presence of more than 100 guests and donors. Chadrick Denlinger, M.D., Marc R. Katz, M.D., MPH, and Lucian Lozonschi, M.D., all newly named endowed chairs in the division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, were recognized during the ceremony as superb servants to our medical community who are broadening the scope and level of care through their innovation and expertise in minimally invasive and robotic approaches to complex cardiothoracic surgeries.

This issue also keeps you up-to-date on the achievements and recognitions within the Department, highlighting areas of research and clinical expertise. In the cover story, “Breaking through the Barricade,” colorectal surgeon Virgilio George and surgical oncologist E. Ramsay Camp, M.D. join forces to treat hard-to-reach cancers in the abdomen, first by surgically removing all the disease visible; then by performing hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to treat the residual cells they cannot see through the abdomen. HIPEC in conjunction with surgery involves a coordinated effort between multiple teams to remove the tumors and administer the heated chemotherapy.

This issue highlights some of the latest research and innovations, including significant NIH funding in the Wang Lab. Hongjun Wang, Ph.D. and her collaborators are moving forward with a new clinical trial to study a new therapeutic for early onset type 1 diabetes.

With the much anticipated opening of the new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, we provide a brief overview of the new facility as well as the Summey Medical Pavilion in North Charleston that complements the new Children’s Hospital and provides regional outpatient pediatric care throughout the tri-county area.

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Past Issues: 

Summer 2019 Issue PDF

In our Summer issue of SurgeOn, we provide a glimpse into a day in the life of a trauma surgeon through the eyes of reporter Bryce Donovan, who accompanied Heather Evans, M.D., MS, professor of Acute Care Surgery, during a busy night in the ER. This issue also keeps you up-to-date on the achievements and recognitions within the Department, highlighting areas of research and clinical expertise.

Fall 2018 Issue PDF

Our Fall 2018 issue features some of the latest research and innovations, including the division of Research’s roadmap that will lead our efforts into the next era of surgical innovation, significant NIH funding in the Wang Lab, and leading-edge approaches to surgical care that reduces hospital stays and increases patient satisfaction.

Spring 2018 Issue PDF

In our Spring/Summer issue of SurgeOn, we feature the evolution of women in surgery across the country and within MUSC, beginning with brave women who entered the all-male-dominated operating theater in the 1970s, paving the way for the new generation of surgical trainees.

Fall 2017 Issue PDF

In the Fall 2017 issue, we delve deep into the many ways our residency training provides an excellent clinical experience focused on compassionate care, a broad spectrum of research opportunities, and innovative training. 

Spring 2017 Issue Digital ebook

In the Spring 2017 issue, we highlight Nancy DeMore, M.D., surgical oncologist and BMW Endowed Chair, whose innovation and entrepreneurship is “Changing What’s Possible” at MUSC