URM Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Medicine has scholarships specific to URM students, as well as many scholarships open to all M.D. program students.

COM Diversity Scholarships

Jenny and Jerry Reves, M.D. Diversity Scholarship 
A $2 million endowment that awards scholarships to promising under-represented in medicine (URM) students who are accepted into the College of Medicine. 

Bernard W. Deas, Jr. M.D. Endowed Scholarship 
Colonel Bernard W. Deas, Jr., M.D., was the first African American graduate of the MUSC College of Medicine. Born in Charleston in 1944, Dr. Deas was educated at Iowa State University and after graduation was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army. He returned to Charleston and graduated from the College of Medicine in 1971, eventually becoming a medical oncologist. Deas became the commander of health services at White Sands Medical Center, and retired as a colonel in 1994. He received many honors over his career, including the MUSC College of Medicine's Distinguished Alumni Award. Colonel Deas died in 2012, at only 67 years old. This scholarship started as an expendable fund, but was endowed in July 2021 by the MUSC Alumni Association with a gift of $50K.

Rose Delores Gibbs, M.D. Endowed Scholarship 
Dr. Gibbs was the first female URM graduate of the MUSC College of Medicine. This scholarship is awarded to a current female URM student, preferably one who plans to practice Family Medicine or Internal Medicine.

Haney-Singleton/Deas Endowed Scholarship
Established in September 2021 by an anonymous donor in honor of Deborah Deas, M.D. and Myra Haney-Singleton, Ph.D. Without the mentoring by pthese extraordinary women, there are physicians practicing today who never would have been successful.  Dr. Deas, former faculty member and interim dean for the College of Medicine, and Dr. Haney-Singleton, associate dean for student affairs and student wellness, worked together tirelessly to assist students through medical school hurdles, whether emotional, health, or academic difficulties.  Both believe in “lifting as we climb.”

MUSC College of Medicine Under-Represented in Medicine Endowed Scholarship
A new initiative that began in 2020 to raise $1 million in funding for recruitment of URM students. A URM Celebration was scheduled for March 2020, when this scholarship initiative was to be announced.  With the onset of Covid-19, this celebration had to be cancelled; however, efforts are underway to generate renewed interest and enthusiasm in contributing to this campaign.

Coastal Community Foundation Thaddeus Bell, M.D. Scholarship 
One scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding URM student in one of the six colleges at MUSC. Although not strictly limited to the College of Medicine, medical students are strongly encouraged to apply. Dr. Bell graduated from the College of Medicine and strongly prefers the recipient be an M.D. student.

Scholarships and Aid Information for M.D. Students

For a comprehensive list of all MUSC scholarships and other scholarship and financial aid opportunities, please see our Scholarships and Aid page.