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44th Annual Cardiology Update Agenda

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

3:00 pm           Early Registration (until 6:00 pm)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Moderators: Jan Basile, M.D. and Michael Gold, M.D., PhD.

7:30 am           Registration/Continental Breakfast

8:00                 Introduction and Welcome, Jan Basile, M.D.

8:10                 Managing Drug Interactions and Prescribing
Considerations in Prevention, 
Barbara Wiggins, Pharm.D.                  

8:40                 A Clinical Approach to Secondary Causes of Hypertension
in 2020
, Jan Basile, M.D.                       

9:10                 Preventive Strategies and Management of Aortic Aneurysm
                        Jean Ruddy, M.D.        

9:40                 Faculty Panel with Drs. Wiggins, Basile and Ruddy

10:10               Coffee Break

10:30               ECG Emergencies
                        Michael Field, M.D. 

11:00               Lifestyle and Non-Antiarrhythmic Drugs to Prevent Afib
                        Marcus Wharton, M.D. 

11:30               Arrhythias in Sarcoidosis
                        Jeffrey Winterfield, M.D.                        

12:00pm          Faculty Panel with Drs. Field, Wharton and Winterfield

12:30               Adjourn


Thursday May 28, 2020
Moderators: Richard Bayer, M.D. and Christopher Nielsen M.D.

7:30 am           Registration/Continental Breakfast

7:30                 CAD Interesting Case Discussion (Bring your Cases)
                        Valerian Fernandes, M.D., Christopher Nielsen, M.D.,
and Richard Bayer, M.D

8:30                 Revascularization or Medical Optimization in Chronic
Stable Angina:  Answers from the ISCHEMIA Trial
Valerian Fernandes, M.D

9:00                 Chronic Total Occlusion PCI and Complete
Revascularization:  Is it still worthwhile after ISCHEMIA
Anbukarasi Maran, M.D.                        

9:30                 PCI Outcomes:  It's All About The Quality
Eric Powers, M.D. 

10:00               Peripheral Arterial Disease:  Diagnosis and Treating the Full
Spectrum of Disease
, Thomas Todoran, M.D.                        

10:30               Faculty Panel with Drs. Fernandes, Maran, Powers, Todoran

11:00               Coffee Break

11:20               Better than 20/20: Advanced Cardiac Imaging for the Next
Jeremy Burt, M.D.

11:50               Deciphering an Echocardiogram Report
Sheldon Litwin, M.D.                        

12:20pm          Cardiac Pre-operative Risk Stratification
Terrence O’Brien, M.D.                        

12:50               Faculty Panel with Drs. Burt, Litwin, O’Brien

1:20                 Adjourn


Friday, May 29, 2020
Moderators: Ryan Tedford, M.D. and Michael Craig, M.D.

7:30 am           Registration/Continental Breakfast

7:30                 Interesting Cases of the Year from MUSC Advanced Heart
Failure Fellows
, Michael Viray, M.D., Eric Bonno, M.D.            

8:30                 Heart Failure with Preserved EF - What Can I Really Do to
Help My Patient?
, Sheldon Litwin, M.D

9:00                 Arrhythmias in Heart Failure - Let's Deal With It
Michael Gold, M.D. Ph.D.

9:30                 Use of Genetics in Clinical Practice for Heart Failure
Daniel P. Judge, M.D.

10:00               Recognition and Therapeutic Strategies for Advanced Heart
Anil Purohit, M.D

10:30               Faculty Panel with Drs. Litwin, Gold, Judge, Purohit

11:00               Coffee Break

11:20               What's new in HFrEF in 2020?
Adrian Van Bakel, M.D.     

11:45               Heart Failure Clinics - Strategies for Management and
Readmission Reduction
; Kathleen Law and Shannon Cornell           

12:10pm          What is the Role of Telemedicine in Heart Failure
Management? M
ichael Craig, M.D.          

12:35               Faculty Panel with Drs. Van Bakel, Law, Cornell, Craig

1:00                 Adjourn


Saturday, May 30, 2020
Moderators: Christopher Nielsen, M.D.

7:30 am           Registration/Continental Breakfast

7:30                 The Heart Team Approach To Valve Disease: Behind the
Scenes, Case Discussions and Decisions, 
Daniel Steinberg, M.D., Nicholas Amoroso, M.D.,
Marc Katz, M.D, and Sandford Zeigler, M.D.            

8:30                 Patent Foramen Ovale Closure:  Beyond Strokes
Christopher Nielsen, M.D.     

9:00                 Adult Congenital Heart Disease for the Community Provider
David Gregg, M.D. 

9:30                 Coffee Break

9:50                 Emerging Healthcare Technologies
Peter Zwerner, M.D. 

10:10               Cardiac CT: First Line for CAD Evaluation? 
Richard Bayer, M.D.      

10:30               Stress Testing: Which Test for Which Patient
Amanda Northup, M.D.                  

10:50               Wrap Up

11:00               Adjourn