Preceptor and Educator Development

Enduring Materials: Preceptor or Educator Development

The MUSC Office of Continuing Medical Education has identified the following free activities to help clinicians develop as clinical preceptors of learners at several levels. While these resources are FREE, you do have to register to participate.

1. Preceptor Orientation and Education, hosted by South Carolina Area Health Education Center (AHEC). This series of modules takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete.  Available at:

Topics include:

  1. Preceptor Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Adult Learning summary
  3. Evidence-Based Practice
  4. Time Management (in the office)
  5. Communication and Feedback
  6. Interprofessional Practice
  7. Other resources, both online and in print

2. Interprofessional Preceptor Training, hosted by the University of Washington. This series of modules take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. Available at:

Topics are broken into three main modules and include:

  1. Preparing for a Successful Learning
  2. ExperienceTools for Learning in the Clinic
  3. Feedback and Evaluation for the Clinical Preceptor
  4. There are additional resources, both online and in print

*While these two courses contain similar content, they are not identical. A developing preceptor may find it beneficial to do one of the courses now and use the other as a refresher at a later date.