Innovation Week Grant

COM Community Engagement Grant RFA for Innovation week

Please check back for updates related to Innovation Week 2024.

2023 Program

Track: Pitch Sessions

Type of Award: COM Community Engagement “start-up model”

The COM Office of Community Engagement will team up with the Office of Innovation to support one community-focused initiative/program. Dubbed “the start-up model,” the winning team will receive $15,000 towards their innovation with the larger goal in mind for them to further pursue continued relationship and growth with the community partners after the grant period has ended. We want to see a high potential for strengthening bi-directional communication and for growth over time. Your community of focus is your partner in this, not simply a recipient or subject of your proposed work. Proposals should highlight the bi-directional working relationships with communities including their input into development of the proposal and include a plan for sustainability beyond the duration of the funding provided by these grants. Communities are defined by characteristics common amongst members and may be geographic, cultural, religious, age or others

The grant is open to faculty, residents and staff at MUSC as team leaders and require at least one community member as integral member of the team. We strongly encourage having professional students in the College of Medicine as part of the project/study team and look favorably on interprofessional teams as an additional strength. Research and non-research proposals are accepted. We are particularly interested in proposals that align with the four focus areas of the College of Medicine Office of Community Engagement: health equity, social justice, social medicine and community engagement. Duration of funding is for 1 year with possibility of a no cost extension to account for potential delays in project execution.

Reporting requirements:

6-month interim progress and 12-month summary report, including financial reporting; all team participants including the community partner(s) must review and sign the final report.


We strongly recommend using the SMART goals framework for outlining your project. Outcomes must be well defined.

There should be a plan for continued engagement past the time of the funding period. We are less likely to support “one-off” projects than those that form a foundation for ongoing relationships over time.

Funding can be used for operational costs (including supplies and computer software/programs), consulting fees, training program costs, patient/client support or non-monetary incentives for participants.

Background on the Office of Community Engagement:

The MUSC College of Medicine Office of Community Engagement was formed in 2021 in response to growing recognition and need for a focus on the educational aspects of community engagement within the College. Private funding has allowed for the start of several initiatives with specific focus areas on service, research, education and innovation

2023 Application

2023 RFA (PDF)


Led by Jessica Tarleton, M.D., MPH, the 2022 winning team implemented a new program called the Lowcountry Doula Initiative.