Student Academic Records Policy

Medical Students (M.D.)


The College of Medicine and the Office of Enrollment Management of MUSC make every effort to ensure that all information remains confidential in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Documentation contained in a student record is confidential, with transfer of such information within the school permissible only for legitimate academic purposes. The Office of Enrollment Management is responsible for maintenance of all official academic records of students.

The policy regarding creation and maintenance of student academic records is based upon practices recommended by the American Association of American Collegiate Registrar's and Admissions Officers.

The College of Medicine maintains a separate file on each student during their enrollment. The student file may contain, but is not limited to the AMCAS application, admission documentation, letters of correspondence concerning the student, narrative summaries rendered by the faculty concerning the student's academic work, letters indicating actions of the Progress Committee, and other correspondence relating to the student's education at MUSC.

A student, by means of verbal or written request to the Associate/Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in College of Medicine Dean’s Office, may examine his or her student academic records. These records shall be made available for review by the student as promptly as possible, but no longer than one week following a request. The academic records shall be examined, under observation of College of Medicine Dean’s Office designated personnel, and shall not be altered, destroyed, or removed from the office.

Any review of information in the file by the faculty members and administrative officers, other than by those persons responsible for keeping the academic records, senior associate dean for medical education, or associate/assistant deans for student affairs, requires the dated signature of the faculty member or administrative official on a form kept within the records and the reason for review.

The student will be notified of the transfer of any information within the student file to persons or institutions other than those associated with or affiliated with the College of Medicine. Such information may be transferred only:

  • By reason of a valid subpoena or judicial order of a court;
  • To federal or state educational agencies, providing the agency requests the information in writing and specifies the purpose for acquiring the information;
  • To organizations responsible for the accreditation of MUSC College of Medicine;
  • Upon written request of the student to persons he or she designates (e.g., educational institutions, hospitals, and licensing boards, etc.)
  • Letters of evaluation (or transcripts) of medical students, based upon information in the student file, will be prepared by the senior associate dean for medical education or the associate/assistant dean for student affairs upon the receipt of a written request from the student identifying the persons, institutions, hospitals, or licensing boards to which the letters (or transcripts) are to be sent.

The academic records of students shall be kept under the name used for admission to the MUSC College of Medicine, unless the student properly files a change-of-name form with supporting legal documentation with the Office of Enrollment Management.

Name changes are not processed in the student information system once a student has officially graduated from the college. All requests for replacement/duplicate diplomas should be directed to the Office of Enrollment Management.