Campus Dress Code


Essential Standards for Dress

Students must remember that this is a professional school, and as such, it is expected that students display an appropriate level of judgment with regard to personal hygiene, grooming and dress. At no time will the following items of clothing, or clothing style, be acceptable for College of Medicine students on campus.

• Wearing hats, caps or other head wear in the building*
• Wearing sunglasses in the building*
• Fish-net (stockings/hosiery) and other see-through clothing
• Crop tops and other bare midriff tops including spaghetti strap blouses
• Short shorts
• Athletic-type, wide-armhole tank tops that expose chest, back or midsection
• Any clothing with holes and cuts (i.e. jeans, shirts, tops, etc.)
• Bare feet, thongs, or flip flops (i.e. beach shoes)
• Suggestive, revealing or tight fitting clothing, or clothing with inappropriate pictures or slogans
• Pants worn below the waistline and/or dragging the floor
• Wrinkled, dirty or unsafe attire
• Extreme personal presentation of any type (e.g. body piercing, hair style, tattoos)

*Wearing these items for medical or religious reasons is acceptable.

See the Dress Code for Clinical Students