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College of Medicine Policies and Procedures

Absence Policy - Medical Students
Accelerated Medical Pathway Eligibility and Progress Policy
Admissions Transfer Policy
Alcohol Policy
Blood Borne Pathogens
Clinical Reassignment Policy
COM Syllabus Material Agreement
Disability-Related Accommodation Policy
Election Day Attendance Policy
Electronic Health Record – Student Access and Use
Examinations Policy
Extramural Electives Policy
Fitness for Duty Policy
Grade Grievance Policy
Grading and Assessment Policy Preclerkship FLEX 2023
Grading and Assessment Policy Preclerkship FLEX 2024
Grading and Assessment Policy – Clinical Years
Honor Code
International Electives Policy
Learning Environment & Medical Student Mistreatment
Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Refund of Tuition and Fees, and Waivers Policy
MD Degree Graduation Requirements
Medical Student Dress Code
Medical Student Education (Duty) Hours Policy
Medical Student Clinical Supervision Policy
Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
PreMed Education/Required Coursework for Acceptance into the MD Degree Program
Primary Care Parallel Track Eligibility and Progress
Radiation Safety Policy
Religious Observation Absence
Preparation of Residents and Non-Faculty Instructors
Severe Weather Policy
Social Media Policy
Student Academic Records Policy
Student Complaint Procedure
Student Evaluation Conflict of Interest Policy
Student Health Policy
Student Laptop Use Policy
Student Professionalism Policy
Student Progress, Promotion, and Probation Policy
Student Responsibility Policy
Technical Standards for Admission Retention and Graduation
Visiting Learner Policy