Election Day Attendance Policy

Policy ID Number: N\A
Policy Title: Election Day Attendance Policy
Classification: University
Approval Authority: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Responsible Entity: College of Medicine
Policy Owner: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


I. Policy Statement

The College of Medicine Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has discussed the adverse impact of the Presidential Election Day Holiday on the student academic schedule. The committee also appreciates all students' right to vote in a Presidential Election.

II. Scope

Students enrolled in courses of the College of Medicine’s MD Degree Program.

III. Approval Authority

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

IV. Purpose of This Policy

The purpose of the policy is to outline the accommodations the College of Medicine will allow in order to enhance students' opportunity to vote in a Presidential Election.

V. Who Should Be Knowledgeable about This Policy

College of Medicine students
College of Medicine Faculty and Course Directors
College of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Deans and Support Staff

VI. The Policy

The student attendance policy for Presidential Election Days is as follows:
Students will be granted time at the beginning or end of the work day to accommodate voting.
The Office of Student Affairs will forward to all students the link to the SC Election Commission. This site provides information on Absentee Voting and an online application form to request an Absentee Ballot. We encourage all students to participate in in the elections. During non-presidential elections there is no dedicated time off from academic activities.
SC Voting

VII. Special situations


VIII. Sanctions for Non-compliance


IX. Related Information


A. References, citations


B. Other


C. Appendices


X. Communication Plan

Students will receive annual notification via MyQuest modules with attestation required.
Faculty will receive annual notification via MyQuest modules.

XI. Definitions


XII. Review Cycle

Indicate the review cycle for the policy (must be 5 years or sooner)

XIII. Approval History

Policy will be reviewed at least every 2 years.

Approval Authority Date Approved
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee 2012
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee July 15, 2016
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee July 7, 2017
EDAS Council September 5, 2018

XIV. Approval Signature

September 5, 2018     
Donna Kern, MD (Signature) Date
Title: Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, Chair EDAS Council