Medical Student Performance Evaluation Policy


Policy Title: Medical Student Performance Evaluation Policy
Classification: University
Approval Authority: EDAS Council
Responsible Entity: College of Medicine
Policy Owner: Office of Student Affairs

I. Policy Statement


The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is created for each medical student who is expected to meet the graduation requirements of the College of Medicine within that academic year. The evaluation is part of the student’s academic record. Students may preference their MSPE writer, request writer reassignment, and may review their completed MSPE. Students may challenge both the quantitative and qualitative assessments contained within their MSPE. In compliance with LCME Standards (Elements 11.1, 11.2, 11.4, 11.6) this policy describes the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), how writers of the letters are assigned or reassigned, how students may review and challenge the contents of the letter, and how and to whom the letter is released.

II. Scope


This policy applies to Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine students enrolled in the MD degree or dual degree programs.

III. Approval Authority


EDAS Council

IV. Who Should Be Knowledgeable about This Policy


College of Medicine students enrolled in the MD degree or MD/dual degree programs.
College of Medicine faculty and course directors
College of Medicine undergraduate medical education deans and support staff

V. The Policy


The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is a comprehensive assessment of performance of a medical student required for the residency application of a medical student (LCME Element 11.4 Provision of MSPE) and is part of the student’s academic record. It is not a letter of recommendation. Students are provided with a list of names of faculty members appointed by the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education to write MSPEs for the academic year, and have the ability to preference up to three individuals.

All potential assignments must be reviewed for any conflicts of interest (LCME Element 11.1 Academic Advising), which would include prior advising, mentoring, or counseling relationships, and to ensure faculty members do not exceed their allotted number of overall MSPE assignments. While every effort will be made to ensure a student receives one of the preferenced MSPE writers, this is not guaranteed.

If concerns arise, students have the ability to request MSPE writer reassignment by contacting the Associate Dean of Career Planning in the Office of Student Affairs who oversees the MSPE process, and will make the reassignment as indicated (LCME Element 11.2 Career Advising).

Students are entitled and invited to review their final MSPE and challenge any perceived discrepancy in their academic record including the narrative text (LCME Element 11.6 Student Access to Educational Records). After the MSPE is finalized by the writer, the student will be provided with the opportunity to review their MSPE. The student must review their MSPE no later than September 15th if they wish to suggest any changes or challenge any perceived discrepancies. If a discrepancy is noted, it first should be brought to the attention of the MSPE writer. If a discrepancy is in relation to specific grade(s) and/or narrative comments from the clerkship that are included unedited in the MSPE, the student should also discuss this directly with the Clerkship Director. If a resolution is not agreed upon, the student must direct the concern to the Associate Dean of Career Planning. If that also fails to resolve the discrepancy, the student may request that the EDAS Council review the MSPE and make a final decision by majority vote. After graduation, no further addendums will be made to a student’s MSPE.

The College of Medicine will release all MSPEs for graduating medical students to the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) on October 1. If a status change or adverse action is taken by the COM Student Progress Committee after the release of the MSPE, the college is required to amend the MSPE to reflect that decision and retransmit the evaluation to ERAS (See COM Progress, Promotion and Probation Policy).

To ensure confidentially and integrity in the transmission, the College of Medicine Dean’s Office will not release MSPE(s) to students or graduates. Students who wish to receive a copy of their MSPE or have their MSPE released to other individuals or organizations outside of ERAS are referred to the Student Academic Records Policy, and must submit a written request. The request may be sent via email or fax to the College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs or the MUSC Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) with the following information:

  • Name (include full name, with any previous names used while enrolled)
  • Graduation Year
  • Mailing Address of Fellowship/Residency Program
  • Email address of the person who is to receive the letter

Graduates may directly release the MSPE in ERAS or request release in writing by contacting the OEM. Requests will be processed within two weeks after the request is received. Specific handling instructions must be included in the initial request. 

VI. Communication Plan


Information about this policy will be included in student orientation sessions, posted online, and shared annually with teaching faculty, fellows, and residents through required compliance modules.


VII. Other Relevant Policies


LCME Standards: Elements 11.1, 11.2, 11. 4, 11.6
COM Student Academic Record Policy
COM Grade Grievance Policy
COM Student Progress, Promotion and Probation Policy


VIII. Review Cycle


At least every three years.

IX. Approval History


List original approval date and subsequent review dates

Approval Authority Date Approved

EDAS Council April 3, 2019
EDAS Council August 9, 2019

X. Approval Signature


  Donna Kern, MD   August 9, 2019
Title: Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education,
 College of Medicine; Chair, EDAS Council