Primary Care Parallel Track

Medical Students (M.D.)

Policy ID Number: N/A
Policy Title: Primary Care Parallel Track
Classification: University
Approval Authority: Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Responsible Entity: College of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education
Policy Owner: Associate Dean for Curriculum – Clinical Sciences


I. Policy Statement

MUSC College of Medicine determines the academic and professional criteria for eligibility and continued progress in the Primary Care Parallel Track at the MUSC-AnMed Health Clinical Campus. This parallel track allows a medical student to choose to complete their third and fourth years of clinical training (immersion and enrichment phases) at AnMed Health Clinical Campus in Anderson, South Carolina with unique educational opportunities.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all MUSC College of Medicine (COM) medical students who apply for and accept a position in Primary Care Parallel Track.

III. Approval Authority

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is responsible for periodic review and approval of this policy.

IV. Purpose of This Policy

The MUSC AnMed Health Primary Care Track allows students with an interest in primary care and/or a community based clinical training site to apply for acceptance to train at the clinical campus in Anderson, SC. This policy outlines eligibility criteria for acceptance and continued progress in the Primary Care Parallel Track.

V. Who Should Be Knowledgeable about This Policy

Prospective students applying to MUSC
Medical students at MUSC
College of Medicine Dean’s leadership team, preclerkship faculty, clinical faculty, medical students, and staff
MUSC AnMed Health Campus Dean, site directors, faculty, and medical students

VI. The Policy

Program Eligibility:

Students may apply for this parallel track at the time of initial application to the medical school or during their preclerkhip phase. Any student accepted for an MUSC interview is eligible to apply for the Primary Care Parallel Track. Each application will be reviewed by the Campus Dean and Admissions Committee if at initial application or the Campus Dean, Associate Dean for Curriculum- Clinical Sciences, and Progress Committee if during the preclerkship phase.

Eligibility for the Primary Care Parallel Track is contingent on acceptance to MUSC College of Medicine MD Program. The same admission criteria apply regardless of curriculum track.
Students must be in good academic and professional standing to apply for this track and must have successfully completed their preclerkship coursework to begin rotations at the MUSC-AnMed Health Clinical Campus.

Students may be accepted into the Primary Care Parallel Track until the compliment is full. The current capacity for this track is 12 students per year.

Program Acceptance:

Acceptance into this primary care parallel track is a competitive process. Following submission of an application, acceptance decisions will be made based on the student’s interview, personal statement, and academic record. Acceptance into the MD Degree program is decided by the Admissions Committee. Acceptance into the Primary Care Parallel Track is decided jointly by the Admissions Committee and Campus Dean for students applying at the time of medical school application or by the Progress Committee and Campus Dean for students applying during their preclerkship phase.

Students who are accepted into the Primary Care Parallel Track will be notified and sign an acceptance letter that signifies their commitment to complete the immersion and enrichment phases (Years 3 and 4) in this parallel track at the MUSC-AnMed Health Clinical Campus.

Program Progress:

Student progress in the Primary Care Parallel Track is determined in the same manner as progress in the traditional track which is outlined in the COM Student Progress, Promotion, and Probation Policy.

Students enrolled in this parallel track may apply and be approved for extramural rotations under the same guidelines as all MUSC COM students.

All COM policies, including but not limited to those outlining academic progress and professionalism, apply to all MUSC students, including those in the Primary Care Parallel Track. Infractions are handled the same way for all students regardless of curriculum track.

Campus Reassignment:

Requests for reassignment to a different curriculum track or campus will follow the COM Clinical Campus, Curriculum Track and Clinical Site Reassignment Policy.

VII. Special situations

Describe any special situations where the policy might not apply or considerations where the policy might require a single instance where non-compliance is acceptable.

VIII. Sanctions for Non-compliance


IX. Related Information

A. References, citations

College of Medicine Clinical Campus, Curriculum Track and Clinical Site Reassignment Policy
College of Medicine Student Progress, Promotion and Probation Policy
COM Extramural Rotation Policy once created and approved.

B. Other

C. Appendices

X. Communication Plan

MUSC COM applicants and current students will be educated about this policy and the policy will be posted on the website.

XI. Definitions


XII. Review Cycle

This policy and data regarding outcomes and eligibility criteria will be reviewed every 2 years by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

XIII. Approval History

List original approval date and subsequent review dates

Approval Authority Date Approved
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee April 26, 2019

XIV. Approval Signature

Donna Kern, MD April 26, 2019
Title: Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education