Transportation Policy

Policy ID Number: N/A
Policy Title: Transportation Policy
Classification: University
Approval Authority: EDAS Council (Education, Diversity, Admissions, Student Affairs)
Responsible Entity: College of Medicine-Undergraduate Medical Education
Policy Owner: EDAS


I. Policy Statement

This policy outlines transportation requirements for students who are scheduled for educational activities at local or distant community-based sites.

II. Scope

This policy applied to students enrolled in the College of Medicine MD Degree program.

III. Approval Authority

The final governing committee which is responsible for approving the policy is the EDAS Council (Education, Diversity, Admissions, Student Affairs).

IV. Purpose of This Policy

This policy clarifies student responsibility for transportation to educational activities.

V. Who Should Be Knowledgeable about This Policy

College of Medicine Students
College of Medicine Faculty and Course Directors

VI. The Policy

Students may be assigned to local or distant community-based sites at various times throughout the four year curriculum. The third year Family Medicine Rural Clerkship is a required rural experience. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

VII. Special situations


VIII. Sanctions for Non-compliance

Failure to secure transportation may result in delays in your training or inability to complete the requirements of the medical degree program.

IX. Related Information


X. Communication Plan

Students will be informed of the policy during medical school orientation.

The policy can be found here: COM Policies

XI. Definitions


XII. Review Cycle

Policy will be reviewed at least every 2 years.

XIII. Approval History

Approval Authority Date Approved
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee October 2012
EDAS Council August 30, 2017

XIV. Approval Signature

August 30, 2017
Donna Kern, MD (Signature) Date
Title: Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, Chair EDAS Council