Physician as Teacher Track

Overall FLEX Phase Objectives

  1. Develop skills for self-directed and lifelong learning.
  2. Demonstrate strategies for analyzing, identifying and improving personal deficiencies in knowledge and skills by setting learning and improvement goals.
  3. Define a scholarly question.
  4. Incorporate constructive feedback.
  5. Retrieve, critically appraise, and integrate current, evidence‐ or research-based biomedical information into patient care, clinical decision-making, or scholarly work.
  6. Make judgments and draw conclusions based on evidence.
  7. Apply the foundational principles of hypothesis-driven inquiry to patient care.
  8. Apply foundational principles of service‐learning with reflection on outcomes for patients and populations.
  9. Communicate effectively with patients, families, colleagues, and the public through the use of active listening and appropriate verbal, nonverbal and written skills.
  10. Prepare an oral presentation of their project and communicate their findings to their peers at the end of the program and at other institutional forums.

Physician as Teacher Track-Specific Objectives

  1. Define core principles of curriculum design
  2. Describe four pedagogical or instructional strategies
  3. Explain evidence-based principles for teaching
  4. Describe how learners’ previous knowledge affects their learning
  5. Define competency-based education
  6. Explain the role of formative versus summative assessment in education
  7. Describe the evidence for feedback in learning
  8. Describe the principles of self-directed learning
  9. Explain how to write clear and measurable goals and objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  10. Identify evidence-based instructional strategies for patient education