Anesthesia and Preoperative Medicine

Medical Students (M.D.)

Kenneth Catchpole, Ph.D.

We research clinical care delivery systems with a view to improving safety, efficiency and quality of care. It's great grounding as a medical student because by exploring the engineering and process side of care delivery, you get to understand and analyze how care is delivered. It also gives early insights into a range of specialties. Current projects including improving process and communication in robotic surgery; engineering better ways to deliver anesthesia medications; sterile processing of instruments; and a range of other projects related to the delivery of acute care.

David Gutman, M.D., MBA

Two projects: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Playing "The Most Relaxing Song in the World" During Labor Epidural Placement and its Effects on Anxiety and Satisfaction. Does the addition of lung protective strategies to existing colorectal and hepatobiliary ERAS surgeries improve post-operative lung function.