MUSC Resiliency Program

What is the MUSC Resiliency Program?

The MUSC Resiliency Program provides a wide array of interventions, trainings and support to all individual care team members, teams, units, departments, and leaders across the enterprise to promote well-being, resilience, and performance. Strength-based programs are used to equip care team members with practical skills that can help them thrive in their professional and personal lives. This model is part of the larger professional fulfillment model that includes personal resilience, efficiency of practice, and culture of wellness. MUSC Resiliency Program can be accessed in-person or via teams.

Available MUSC Resiliency Program activities are customized to fit the needs, goals and culture of your team aimed at prevention, reduction, and restoration.

  • Presentations and workshops
  • Brief leadership sessions and support
  • Professional development programs
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Ongoing team, unit or department support and supervision
  • Strategic planning around wellbeing
  • Retreats and Team Building
  • Ongoing consultation, as needed
  • Employee Engagement Support

For information on MUSC Resiliency Program offerings contact: Tenelle O. Jones, LMFT, LAC | or 843-364-7798

MUSC, MUHA, and MUSC-P faculty and staff can be seen for stress management and resiliency bolstering. These confidential sessions focus on learning tools to manage and cope with stressors. These can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you in person or via teams.

Information through virtual or in person webinar approaches can be provided to units and teams. Topics can be tailored for each group. We offer a Living Your Best Work Life Series of topics and regularly offer a Compassion, Purpose, Resilience half day workshop free for MUSC Care Team Members, faculty, and employees.

Living Your Best Work Life Series: For All Units, Teams, Departments, and Individuals

Topics include:

  • Stress and Resilience
  • Self-care; It’s Not Just a Theory
  • Creating Work Life Harmony
  • Being Grounded and Mindful in Everyday
  • Character Is Destiny
  • Self-Compassion
  • Building a Resilient Team
  • Psychological Safety and Courageous Conversations
  • Building Confidence and Leadership Skills
  • Cultivating Joy, Compassion, and Gratitude
  • Dealing with Death and Dying
  • Purpose and Values at Work

Compassion, Purpose, Resilience half day workshop

This half-day workshop guides participants in activities to connect with their character strengths, apply relaxation skills in the body during workdays, recognize the importance of self-compassion and empathy, build a culture of gratitude at work, and learn strategies for intentional living in professional life.

Support sessions for teams, units, and groups can be facilitated by staff and/or consultation on peer support.

Resiliency Program Team members can conduct an in-depth assessment of group/unit wellbeing needs and create a tailored action plan to foster team-based professional fulfillment and implement strategies to integrate resilience skills within team meetings, shift changes, and huddles.

The Stress First Aid (SFA) model is a self-care and peer support model developed for those in high-risk occupations (healthcare) to assess and respond to stress reactions. The goal is to learn and understand the common language about stress reactions, as well as reduce the stigma associated with mental wellbeing. You can find in-person and virtual Stress First Aid courses on OurDay. Contact: Nicole Bernier | or 843-792-4726.

MUSC Health’s Crisis Action Response Empowerment and Support (CARES) team supports our care team members and all staff members if they experience adverse and traumatic situations at work. Our program is designed to connect people with shared experiences and roles with those needing support in recovering from an adverse traumatic event. To apply to become a peer supporter please click here. To request support please click here. Contact: Tenelle O. Jones, LMFT, LAC | or 843-364-7798.