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The Department of Anesthesia's “can-do” mentality along with all that our beautiful city has to offer creates a wonderful environment in which to train, work and live.

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Transplant Anesthesia

Adult and pediatric liver transplants have been performed at MUSC for over 20 years. The Anesthesia Department is proud to be an integral part of this endeavor and we take pride in assisting the Transplant Surgical Team with this complex operation. Recognizing the unique challenges of liver transplant surgery, our Department has developed an exclusive team of Anesthesiologists dedicated to the care of these complex patients and procedures. Our involvement begins early in the multidisciplinary patient evaluation process, helping to optimize the patient’s suitability for major surgery. Oftentimes, in patients with liver failure, other organ systems are compromised as well. This requires pre-emptive planning and consideration throughout the perioperative process. As a recognized teaching hospital, MUSC has access to the state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and ground-breaking multi-university research. Our #1 goal is to safely guide the patient through their surgical procedure and to expedite their recovery process. MUSC’s depth of experience and expertise across all involved care teams allows us to provide our patients world-class care resulting in some of the nation’s best outcomes and highest survival rates. In addition, our liver transplant patients benefit from one of the shortest waiting lists in the country. We are certainly privileged to be a part of this life-changing process and are confident that our patients receive top quality care.

Transplant Anesthesia Faculty

Joseph Abro, M.D.

Grayce Davis, M.D.

Robert Harvey, M.D.

Latha Hebbar, MBBS

Robert Mester, M.D.

David Stoll, M.D.
Director, Transplant Anesthesia Division

Joel Sirianni, M.D.

Joseph Whiteley, D.O.