Enrichment Series

Antonis Kourtidis, Director – Department of Regenerative Medicine

DDRCC/CDLD Seminar Series Webpage

Digestive Disease Seminar Series. As part of the CDLD effort to expand interest in digestive disease and liver research on campus, we have instituted a series of seminars from internationally renowned investigators whose research exploits innovative approaches in the study and treatment of digestive & liver disease. If the primary focus of the research is on basic science, the seminar is hosted by the Department of Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology; if the presentation is predominantly clinical or translation in nature, the seminar is hosted by the Department of Medicine. Current seminars are listed at the above seminar series webpage link.

CDLD Annual Scientific Retreat and EAB Review. Through support from the CDLD and the College of Medicine, we will host an annual scientific retreat where all MUSC and CDLD investigators researching digestive & liver disease will have the opportunity to share their findings through oral and poster presentations. This retreat is an anticipated highlight of the academic year for digestive disease researchers. At the inaugural retreat in July 2017, we had 76 attendees, who presented 20 posters and 12 oral platform presentations. The retreat will be coupled with a meeting of the External Advisory Board and a complete review/evaluation of the CDLD program. Additionally, the retreat will feature a keynote speaker of national prominence in digestive & liver disease. The goals of the retreat are to: 1) encourage collaborations among digestive & liver disease investigators; 2) provide insight into the services offered by the CDLD cores, 3) provide a platform for CDLD investigators to present their research findings; and 4) garner feedback from the community on core effectiveness and performance.