Global Emergency Medicine Division

Picture of a man, Dr. Edward O’Bryan

Edward O'Bryan, M.D., MBA, CPE
Founder, Global Emergency Medicine

female  Dr. MenkinSmith

Lacey MenkinSmith, M.D., CTropMed
Director, Global Emergency Medicine
Director, Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Koval Kathryn

Kathryn Koval, M.D., MPH
Assistant Director, Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship  

Milam Claire 4

Claire Milam, M.D.
Fellow, Global Emergency Medicine/Clinical Instructor

The Fellowship

The International Emergency Medicine and Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship is a program organized through the Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in collaboration with the MUSC Department of Public Health and OneWorld Health. The purpose of this Fellowship is to promote hands-on clinical field experience, educational initiatives, and research pertinent to the advancement of Global Emergency Medicine.

This Fellowship is an Endowed Fellowship (The Edward C. O'Bryan, Jr., M.D. Fellowship in Global Health), and is one of only two endowed fellowships at MUSC. It has been in existence since 2016 and is available to Global Emergency Medicine Fellows in the Department of Emergency Medicine who meet certain travel, research, and clinical care criteria in serving at-risk populations in low-and-middle-income countries around the world. The Endowment is under the direction of the Global Emergency Medicine Director in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

To apply to the Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship, email the program director, Dr. MenkinSmith. In response you will receive an application form. Complete the application form and email to the program director along with the following:

  1. A copy of your current CV
  2. Personal statement: In 500-1000 words provide a brief description of why you have chosen to apply to our program. Focus on how your goals for your fellowship may be met by and are in synchrony with the mission of the Division of Global Emergency Medicine at MUSC
  3. A minimum of one letter of recommendation is required--you may submit more.

The Scholarship

Each year, the Center of Global Health awards one EM Resident a stipend of up to $3000 toward an International Emergency Medicine Global Health project with OneWorld Health. The Resident may choose from sites in Uganda or Nicaragua. The scholarship is merit-based.

Visit our main Global Health Fellowship Website. Or for more information email Dr. Lacey MenkinSmith.

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