Women’s Health Research


MUSC’s Center for Women’s Health Research is changing what's possible in health care for women through innovative research, because we believe that our commitment to advance health care options for women in all stages of life improves not only individual lives and family lives, but the well-being of our community as a whole and beyond.

MUSC’s Center for Women’s Health Research supports the research efforts of our top-rated doctors. We have a wide range of clinical research studies in varied obstetric and gynecologic specialty fields such as: preterm birth prevention; environmental toxins and their effect on human reproduction and fertility; gynecologic cancer; family planning; pregnancy; and female pelvic medicine.

We are continuously striving to change what’s possible through women’s research, one study at a time. Because we believe that every woman matters.

To learn more about the exciting research that is going at MUSC’s Center for Women’s Health Research, please contact Betty Oswald, Program Manager. You can also visit SC Research Studies Directory to learn more about clinical research studies throughout the state.

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