Research Components

The MUSC SCORE is building on the findings from the previous funding period, focusing on sex and gender differences in cannabis use and use disorders across the lifespan, which are increasingly problematic in the United States today. Preclinical and clinical studies will focus on mechanistic underpinnings and potential sex and gender-specific therapeutic approaches.

● Preclinical Research Component

    Drs. Rachel Penrod-Martin (PI) and Onder Albayram (Co-I)

● Clinical Research Components

    Drs. Kevin Gray and Rachel Tomko (MPIs)- Cannabis and emerging adults

    Drs. Connie Guille and Kathleen Brady (MPIs)- Cannabis and postpartum                                                                                      women

    Drs. Aimee McRae-Clark and Andreana Benitez (MPIs)- Cannabis and older                                                                                                 adults